Liquor License Suspension Handed to Waxy O'Connor's in Foxborough

Ten liquor suspension and required police detail among the penalties Waxy O'Connor's will comply with.

Waxy O'Connor's owner Gordon Hyde echoed his desire "to improve and get better" at the May 17 liquor hearing with Foxborough's Board of Selectmen.

The board, in a vote of 4-1, approved the recommended motion of a 10-day liquor license suspension for Waxy's beginning on June 1. Selectman James DeVellis was the lone vote against the motion stating that Foxborough has a set process in place for a reason and questions Waxy's credibility.

"Everything they [Waxy's] have said is in contrary to what our public safety officials have said," DeVellis noted.

In addition to the 10-day liquor suspension, Waxy's also agreed to stop serving alcohol at midnight for the next two months - a measure that selectmen believe is necessary in order to keep the public safe. Waxy's will check back in with the board on their progress at a "status hearing" in two months.

Waxy's pled guilty to the overcrowding violation brought against them as well as one over serving violation. The state will slap on a third over serving violation bringing their total number of offenses to three.

"If they get hit with a fourth violation then they [Waxy's] will be out of business," stressed Foxborough Town Manager Kevin Paicos.

Legal fines and all expenses accrued to the town from the liquor hearings, totaling approximately $10,000, will be paid by Waxy's.

In order to further ensure public safety, Waxy's agreed to required police detail for Friday and Saturday nights.

The board remained passionate throughout the four-hour hearing in regards to their beliefs on the importance of public safety in Foxborough. 

"I am a elected town representative - I represent the parents, their children," said Sullivan. "I’m not looking a parent in the eye [with unfortunate news], I've done it before and I am not doing it again."

The liquor hearing first confronted the overcrowding offense brought against Waxy's occurring on March 17, St. Patrick's Day. The board, in a vote of 5-0, found Waxy's guilty of an overcrowding violation, with occupancy determined to be more than 377 - the maximum occupancy amount.

"Overcrowding is a serious offensive," said selectman Lynda Walsh. "Think of those poor people in Rhode Island."

Paicos went onto read a letter of statement from Waxy's attorney, Patricia Farnsworth, dated from last week, May 11. In the letter, Waxy's detailed the various improvements they have made in order to "shape up" and be a better business for the residents of Foxborough.

Police detail on the weekends, cutting off the serving of shots after midnight, changing the style of their wine glasses to incorporate "the correct 6 oz amount" and dropping potent drinks from their menu such as Long Island Ice Teas, are a few of the changes that Waxy's has already implemented in their Foxborough location.

"It's a fresh start - lets get it done and let's get it done right," said Sullivan.

tricia May 18, 2011 at 01:37 PM
Being a Walpole resident, I was so happy when Waxy's opened because the food was amazing and we had several great dinners out on the patio with friends. However, it quickly evolved into a loud live music hangout for the "kids" and we stopped going. It was such a shame to waste a potentially good location with great food that could have catered to all crowds, families, 50 somethings, and the younger generation. Our crowd asked on several different occasions for the music (not a band) to be turned down enough to carry on a conversation and were denied. Management didn't seem to care about anything but the "drinking" crowd and now it is apparently catching up with them.
Steve May 18, 2011 at 02:58 PM
This is a tough situation. On one side you have an establishment that could be a great asset to our community and on the other hand they seem to operate in flagrant disregard of our laws. I’ll be honest, I am not sure what all of the violations are/were but I am glad that an agreement could be worked out to let this place have one more chance to “straighten out”, but I agree with selectman DeVellis, their attitude just does not lend to leniency. I too wish they were more honest and forthcoming with their faults and a little more repentant. Maybe they felt that they could not be, in fear of losing their license. The 11 o’clock shut off time was more than fair given the amount of offences in such a short period of operations. I wish selectman Sullivan had stuck to his guns on that one. We, as a community, can not alter the way we discipline our liquor license holders in fear of the ABCC overturning our decisions. We need to do what we feel is appropriate and let the chips fall where the may.
Paco May 18, 2011 at 05:38 PM
It's obvious that Waxy's is being targeted the same way the liquor store at the common was targeted five years ago and run out of town. Every "establishment" is guilty of having intoxicated patrons inside - THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DRINK LIQUOR. They are no better or no worse than any other bar in town. It's ridiculous. If there's one paid detail cop then the responsibility should fall on the town right? How about INDIVIDUAL's being responsible for THEIR OWN ACTIONS. What is Waxy's, a babysitter? If you drink to much it's YOUR OWN FAULT. Stop the harrassment and let them be.
Krisma May 18, 2011 at 06:04 PM
Paco Just for FYI the police details just started recently the violations have been over the past months....read up ...the towns just doing there job...Its time Waxys did the same and own up to there errors and fix the problem, before some dies... just saying
Steve May 18, 2011 at 06:19 PM
“they are being targeted”…interesting. Why are hey being targeted? Because they are right across the street from the public safety building? Or is there some other reason? Even if they are “being targeted” are you saying the offences did not occur? Did they not serve patrons that ultimatley fell asleep in their cars only minutes from the bar. Did they not knowingly allow more people into their establishment than allowed? If they were being targeted aren’t they that much more stupid (or arrogant) for doing these thing when they know they are being watched?? These are not borlerline offences (in my opinion), these are flagrant offences.
Steve May 18, 2011 at 06:21 PM
by the way, I agree with you , paco regarding the bars being babysitters to drunks. It is crazy that bars are held accountable for borderline people being arrested for oui.
Paco May 18, 2011 at 07:03 PM
I don't know why they're being targeted, maybe someone doesn't like the ownership / managment... who knows. People over .08 are getting behind the wheel after leaving The Red Wing, Davios, Bar Louie, Lafeyette House, etc.. Has Bob Kraft ever had his liquor license suspended? Seems I've heard of incidents of drunken accidents after events at the stadium. People have died... where was the suspension? And don't get me wrong... I don't think they should be suspended because it's individual responsibility but for you "government should protect us" people out there, where's Krafts suspension? Steve, how the heck are they supposed to know who's going to fall asleep behind the wheel? Maybe that person had three beers and were up for 24 hours.
Paco May 18, 2011 at 07:06 PM
I didn't know the details just started but now that there are patrols there does that mean it's the cops job to weed out drunks? Does Waxy's have less responsiblity now that they've hired a cop? If they don't, then why the need to hire a cop?
Kris Perry Long May 20, 2011 at 12:26 PM
Ok the cops aren't baby sitting....you both need to do some home work and see what has walked out of that place, and how wasted people are. Second it was there request to have the detail officers, as they state they are trying to do a better job in controlling the over serving. They didnt fall asleep either they were passed out...and there blood alcohol levels were beyond the legal limit...and both admitted...but if you did your home work then youd know the real facts. As far as Pats place..Mr. Kraft is the landlord of Pats place...he has nothing todo with all problems...and yes there has been a few issues in the past, but the restaurants took responsibility and have fixed there problems...Waxys, did not take responsibility until they were cornered....and the threat of loosing there license, do to there poor management on there serving of alcohol. Do your homework boys...
Stop the Madness May 20, 2011 at 01:37 PM
Krisma35 Homework? Are you serious? What homework have you done? Did you go to all of the establishments in Foxboro and peform an asssesment of the patrons? How again are you qualified to do this? You have just stated your opinion, nothing more. Take a look at Bar Louie's on Friday/Saturday night at closing time and tell me it is any different. Same shit, different place. And to suggest that Robert Kraft isn't treated differently because of the revenue he brings to Foxboro makes you either niave or a liar. As an example of his influnce, how about all of the people who used to allow Parking at their homes for Patriots games. Have you heard what he did to them? He took them to court so he ensured that he got the money. Robert Kraft may not run the restaurants/bars, but he certainly has a financial incentive towards their success as the landlord. Waxy's, as does all bars, need to remain dillegent around over serving. Your OPINION around Waxy's is that they are worse than the others. Again, based upon what? Unless you have some magical bag of facts that is only available to you get off your high-horse and stop telling people to do your "Homework" . Doesn't make you smarter than them... just more arrogant and opinionated.
Kris Perry Long May 20, 2011 at 07:47 PM
Stop the Madness Fact In the early morning hours of March 18, according to O'Leary's report, Sgt. Richard Noonan made a traffic stop after seeing a vehicle leave the 121 Main St. parking lot and drive over a curb and island then enter North Street. The driver, who registered a .136 blood alcohol level -- more that 1-1/2 times over the drunken driving threshhold -- said Waxy' was the only place she'd been drinking that evening, O'Leary wrote. Fact:McDonald recalled the incident that took place on December 24, where he found a female Norwood resident blocking Beach Street in Foxborough with her vehicle. When asked by officers where she was coming from, she responded "Waxy's." The female also believed at the time that she was in Norwood and not Foxborough. I could go on, but honestly its not just about Waxys...it could be another bar doing the same and I would be as passionate. As far as other bars? Please show me the police reports, show me the incidents...The bottom line here is that its about the safety.... right now Waxys is the one that is making mistakes...but to there credit they seem to be making changes...so lets see what happens. Im not going to comment on the parking crap on North street...I do know they have to pay for a permit and that money goes to the to town as far as I know....Im not looking to get into a pissing war ...I have kids..kids who are out at night...coming home...and its my duty to protect them...from the idots who drink and drive & over serve.
not really a townie May 20, 2011 at 10:17 PM
Krisma 35 "it could be another bar doing the same and I would be as passionate. As far as other bars? Please show me the police reports, show me the incidents" look at the foxboro reporter every week under the police arrests section, and you will find your answers, such as 3 individuals arrested INSIDE showcase live for public intoxication at an event a few weeks back by undercover officers!!! how that didnt make the front page is astounding,but i guess the paper picks and chooses its battles.... all in all i counted over 15 people p.c`d at patriot place for being over intoxicated (not incl. stadium events). Wasnt Showcase Live on its last warning a year or so back? So having 3 intoxicated underage individuals arrested in an undercover sting, reason enough to be back before the board?
Kris Perry Long May 23, 2011 at 11:45 AM
Not really a townie... Absolutely , show case live should be held accountable....Im not sure why it has not happened as of right now. I truly believe that Waxy s is not being targeted but feel the level of offenses is of strong concern. These people were behind the wheel of there cars...doesn't that scare you? Cudos to Bar Loui when they were in trouble they took responsibility , they fired the manager, they didn't move them to another location, they implemented procedures, and they worked with the police to fix there problems...is it a cure all ? No but its a constant work in progress. I believe that Waxy s is a work in progress as well now and thats great and I hope that they figure it out.
not really a townie May 25, 2011 at 11:06 PM
I agree Krisma let’s hope they can sort there problems and move on.... as for Louie wasn’t there manager fired for having ladies of a dubious nature in the bar after hours (at least that’s what a member of their staff told me), so yeah Kudos to them, we don’t want that sort of thing in Foxboro.... I will post back here the results of the showcase live hearing when it happens, but don’t hold your breath, it seems if you pay the police (oh sorry! DETAIL the police), you can do pretty much what you want.:) Just an observation!!


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