Christopher Kelly
I am a Foxborough native, having gone through the Burrel, Ahern and Foxborough High School. I got the engineering and technical bug at some point in my time in high school along with my music and audio fixation. I attented The New England Institute of leaving with my Batchelors of Science in Audio and Media Technology, after which and currently I am now in my first year of graduate school at Emerson College, for Sound Design.
While in College I worked for Home Depot as an Inventory Manager, There I also did PR work to promote the companys ideals on green earth friendly products. I also conducted and held seminars both in store and at conventions. After my time with Home Depot, I started my own company for freelance engineering, and interned at companys such as High Output, and ERI. I have worked for several Boston and New York theaters, recording studios, TV studios and outdoor festivals. I am quite content with not having a an exact thought as to what I want to be when "I grow up" but so far, I have worked with amazing people doing amazing things, and I think I want to stay on that track!   I love Foxborough, and everything that makes up this wonderful small town community. Living in Boston right now is fun, adventurous, and keeps me busy. However, it is growing up in foxborough that has made me be me, and I could not imagine altering any aspect of having such an oppurtunity.    You can more often then not find me up in New Hampshire somewhere totting backpack for a weekend. Floating around in a kayak, or with two wheels beneith me pedaling away. I bicycle EVERYWHERE I can! I must that that is the biggest perk for my living in Boston, being that a bicycle is by far the fastest, cheapest, and in my mind, easiest way to get around that city. I try as much as I can to get around via bicycle as often as I can for both health, and economic reasons.   Find me on Facebook, Twitter, and now, Google+
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