VIDEO: Watch Halftime Entertainer Drain Half-Court Trick Shot at Foxborough Basketball Game

Milford man excites crowd with trick shots during halftime of Wednesday’s Foxborough-Milford High School boys’ basketball game.

Foxborough High School basketball fans do not cheer on their opponents too often but the crowd could not helped but be entertained by 23-year-old Earl Wilson of Milford during halftime of Wednesday’s game between the two schools at FHS.

Wilson took center stage at half-court Wednesday to perform a one-handed, behind the back shot. After a series of near makes, Wilson banked a shot off the glass and through the net, sending the student section attending Wednesday’s game into a frenzy.

The crowd chanted for Wilson to make one more half-court bucket before play resumed and like a true performer, Wilson delivered, hitting nothing but net for his encore.

Watch the video above to see Wilson’s two half-court buckets.


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