OA Defense Too Much For Warriors

Andrea Marcotte led the Warriors with 11 points. Candace Steadman had 18 points for the Tigers.

It was no secret that Foxborough’s matchup against Oliver Ames was going to be one of their more challenging games of the year. The Tigers have been on a streak all season with only one loss that was by one point against Franklin.

“We knew that it was going to be a tough game. We had to play our best defense and have our best offense and we didn’t tonight,” Foxborough head coach Lisa Downs said.

With good perimeter shooting and open looks, the OA Tigers had no problem beating the Foxborough Warriors, 58-30, in Foxborough.

The Warriors were able to take an early 5-4 lead due to a three pointer and two free throws from Andrea Marcotte (11 points) but that would be the last time the Warriors would hold a lead during the game.

A 16-2 run by the Tigers for the rest of the first period showed why they are considered one of the best teams in the league. The group of Caitlyn Abela (10 points), Kristin Ellis (six points), and Candace Steadman (18 points) helped the Tigers maintain a comfortable lead as Foxborough’s difficulty defending the Tigers led to wide open jumpers all night long.

“I’m blessed to have some very good perimeter shooters. I thought we did a really good job reading who was open,” Oliver Ames head coach Elaine Clement-Holbrook said. “It's nice when you hit a couple ‘cause you kind of get comfortable. That’s what pretty much what happened in the first half.”

Not helping matters was the tenacious defense of the Tigers. The tight defense led to multiple turnovers, as Abela and Ellis were ready to deflect and steal any ball they could and convert for an easy two.

“Abela did a great job as did Ellis. They did a terrific job anticipating defensively and turned it into something good on the other end,” Clement-Holbrook said.

When the Warriors could get past the first two defenders, three more were waiting under the basket. With the size-advantage over Foxborough, the Tigers had the luxury of clogging up the key and low post with little resistance.

The Warriors showed signs of life late in the third quarter with a few three pointers by Marcotte and DJ Quadrozzi (nine points) to cut into the lead, but it was a little too late for the Warriors.

“If we had played the way we did in the third quarter earlier on in the game, I think it would have been a much closer game than it was,” Downs said.

The Tigers improve to 8-1 overall and 6-1 in league play while Foxborough is now 2-9 overall and 1-6 against the Hockomock League.

The Warriors will look to bounce back with a win when they face rival Mansfield on Jan. 24 while the Tigers will host North Attleboro the same day.


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