Bruins, Patriots, Red Sox or Celtics: Who Are You Watching? (Poll)

In a busy sports week, which local team has your eye?

Welcome to one of the busiest weeks in sports.

The Bruins are in a tough fight against the Washington Capitals in the first round of the playoffs. They'll be playing a game 7 on Wednesday night.

The Celtics are looking to close out the NBA regular season in strong form. They'll be playing the Miami Heat on Tuesday and the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the Patriots are preparing for the NFL draft, one of the biggest events on the football calendar. That three-day marathon starts on Thursday night.

Oh yeah, and there's a team called the Red Sox playing its regular season.

Unfortunately, given our limited number of eyes, humans are only capable of watching so much at once.

So, which of Boston's sports teams has your eye this week?


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