Foxborough School Committee Clarifies Position on Turf Field Project

The Foxborough School Committee took time at Monday's meeting to clarify it agreed to sponsor a warrant article for the Turf's Up field project but did not agree to fund the project. The article is expected to be presented to Town Meeting vote

The Foxborough School Committee voted unanimously Monday to amend the Oct. 1 meeting minutes to more accurately reflect its position on the Turf’s Up field project.

“I know the Turf’s Up field project has gotten a lot of press and interest lately and I just want to make sure we reflect accurately the discussion we had at our last meeting,” said school committee member Bruce Gardner. “The comment in the minutes is that I moved and Martha [Slattery] seconded that we work in support of Turf’s Up field project and support funding the project on a town warrant. The word I’m not sure I remember is funding. I wonder if it is better stated that we would support putting forth the project on town warrant.”

Committee members agreed.

“I think that would be correct to do that,” said School Committee chair Beverley Lord. “What was supported was [the turf field project] being presented to the town through a warrant for public discussion.”

Said vice chair Katie Adair: “If I remember correctly, Martha [Slattery] had brought up the discussion about putting in language regarding the funding and we were corrected by Bill [Yukna] saying that the funding source is not to be included because it is something we obviously need to discuss with the municipal side.”

Superintendent of Schools Debra Spinelli said the committee only agreed to sponsor an article for the turf field project at the Oct. 1 meeting.

“As most people know, unless you don’t attend town meeting, somebody has to sponsor each warrant article,” said Spinelli. “So what the committee did was agree to sponsor that warrant article.”

As a result of Monday's meeting, the committee agreed to remove “funding” from the language and amend the Oct. 1 minutes to say it agreed to “work in support of the Turf’s Up field project and sponsor the project on a town warrant.”

For more on the Turf's Up field project, click here.

School Committee Approves Other Minutes from 3 Meetings

The committee also approved executive session minutes from the Aug. 13 and Aug. 27 meetings and the Oct. 1 regular meeting.

Slattery was absent from Monday’s meeting.

Steve C October 23, 2012 at 02:36 PM
I have great concerns regarding the fundraising efforts for this project. The project has not been approved by the town and having the PTO directly involved with fundraising efforts, see Burrell School news letter, leads us to believe it will be approved. This most certainly is not the case. The argument that they have one so we should have one is absurd. The Burrell School needs a roof, a library upgrade, and many other upgrades that should be handled before turf field is approved. Stop focusing on the grant money, $200,000, that we will loose next year if we don't use it. This town does not have $1mm for this. We need town hall improvements, infrastructure upgrades, and school repairs. Last time I checked good old grass was still an option for a field. Renewable, sustainable, and green. Stop spending money that we have to borrow and start being fiscally responsible.


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