PHOTOS: Ahern Drama Club Performs 'Run for the Money'

44 Ahern Middle School students participate in two-show performance of "Run for the Money."

Forty-four Ahern Middle School students showcased their talents and love for the arts this weekend during a two-day performance of Pat Cook's "Run for the Money."

The play takes place in the living room of the late Fosdick Floogee, an eccentric game enthusiast who does not put much faith in his family. After his death, he leaves his estate to his family members but they must find their inheritance. To accomplish this, he gives each family member a clue as to how they can find their fortune.

The audience watched drama club students bring to life the characters' antics that underlined this slightly crazy family as they used greed and trickery to find what they felt they were owed.

The following members of the Ahern Drama Club contributed to the production and performance of "Run for the Money" on Friday night and Saturday afternoon in the middle school auditorium:


  • Kayla Donovan (Estelle Phluge)
  • Danielle Conlon (Melody Snarkle)
  • Molly Crocker (Jasmine Oglethorpe)
  • Austin Read (Phillip Snarkle)
  • Nate Parkman (Montell Floogee)
  • Evan O'Bryant (Wendell Snarkle)
  • Georgia Munroe (Darla Jane)
  • Taylor Caruso (Gertrude Stipple)
  • Julia Muise (Hildegarde Guff)
  • Dan Isaza (Chester Washburn)
  • James Donoghue (Winston Carstairs)
  • Sofia Isaza (Millie Floogee)
  • Tamaya Vaughan (Lilly Bastrop)
  • Geena Holdcraft (Barbara Scopes)
  • Lindsay Piscitelli (Ethel Muntz)
  • Avery Munroe (Knuckles Dundee)
  • Angela Cummiskey-Carey (Sheriff Bullmizer)
  • Amelia Stowell (Doc)
  • Samantha Melo (Nurse)
  • Caroline Magee (Officer Pike)
  • Jade Cummings (Officer Muldew)


  • Ms. Kate Hathaway, director
  • Mr. Tom Gill, director
  • Mr. Ted Hagarty, sound consultant

Sound & Lights

  • Nyles Tower

Set & Stage Crew

  • Noah Hicks
  • Michael Huber
  • Catherine Richter


  • CJ Giangrande
  • Ashlynne George
  • Zachary Jenkins


  • Katie Burke
  • Jodi Resnick
  • Shannon Jenkins
  • Melody Chiang
  • Shayla Blair

Costumes & Makeup

  • Hallie Dooley
  • Madison Mangione
  • Grace Boudreau
  • Elly Jacques
  • Maggie STone
  • Katie Makill
  • Janni Soriano

View the photo gallery above for scenes from Saturday's performance of "Run for the Money."


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