Higher Credit Requirements, More Math Approved for High School Students

The requirements for graduating from Foxboro High School will go up a little bit for the Class of 2017. Foxboro High School principal Diana Myers-Pachla recently told the school committee that the current freshmen will have a few more classes to pass if they want their diploma. 

“We were looking at 22 credit for graduation but when you look at the amount of courses available they could fail almost a year’s worth of courses and still graduate. That’s just not acceptable,” Myers-Pachla said.

Starting with the freshmen, 23 credits will be needed to graduate but as Myers-Pachla pointed out, most students end high school with 26-27 credits.

Students will take 6.5 credits a year or 6.75 if junior and seniors are required to take gym for a portion of the school year.

Social students and science will remain required for three years and foreign languages will stay at two years required with a strong encouragement for 3-4 years. Due to new requirements from state universities for four years of math from applicants, Foxboro High School will now require as many years of math.

Myers-Pachla said that less than 10 percent of seniors do not take a math course.

The changes were approved by the school committee 5-0.


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