Foxborough School District to Focus on Community Relations, Student Achievement in 2012-13

Here’s an overview of the Foxborough School District’s goals for the 2012-13 academic year.

In advance of students returning to Foxborough Public Schools on Tuesday, Sept. 4, the town’s School Committee reviewed and approved the district’s goals for the 2012-13 at Monday’s meeting.

The goals have been separated into the following categories: Communication and Community Relations, Student Achievement, Financial Management, Policy Development and Superintendent’s Performance.

Here’s a closer look at the district’s five goals for the upcoming school year as published on the Foxborough Public Schools’ website:

Communication/Community Relations

The Foxborough School District will continue to improve communication within the district to staff, parents, employees and the community, as well as outreaching to legislators to advocate for the district’s needs. Key components include:

  • Review the 3-year Strategic Plan and publish a school district report card to enhance community relations and communications, to include a mid-year update and an annual year-end summary of achievement.
  • Include teaching and learning highlights and new student involvement initiatives at each regularly scheduled school committee meeting.
  • Continue to strengthen and enhance the home-school connection, including full utilization of school/district websites, PowerSchool, and NutriKids, allowing parents to better monitor student progress, assignments, grades, and student dietary choices.
  • Continue to enhance parent communication and parent involvement with a focus on transitions from elementary to middle, and middle to high school.
  • Update parents and the community on the maintenance status and conditions of all school buildings.
  • Continue to maintain collaborative relations with legislative leaders and continue efforts to enhance Chapter 70 funding and monitor charter school funding formula.
  • Update parents and the community on the district’s comprehensive wellness program including food service enhancement. 

Student Achievement

Through a series of initiatives, the district will continue to enhance opportunities for students to reach higher levels of achievement. Key components include:

  • Review student achievement data through annual updates of Foxborough Public Schools “Baselines and Benchmarks” report. Update by November 2012.
  • Monitor progress and pursue new opportunities for enrichment and challenge with associated review of budgetary support.
  • Continue to assess the effectiveness of special education programs.  Monitor the development of inclusion practices district-wide that promote achievement goals in literacy, mathematics, and behavior management. Progress report by March 2013.

Financial Management

The district will continue to ensure that the budget provides for the achievement of all students in the district while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

  • Ensure the budget adequately supports the district’s mission, vision and goals.
  • Monitor the needs of the staff in the delivery of education for the district through the professional development program to raise student achievement.
  • Review monthly budget reports and take appropriate actions.
  • Continue to meet and collaborate with municipal and legislative leaders on fiscal matters.
  • Continue to work with municipal officials in support of town financial plans.
  • Continue to work with Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) and the community to articulate the needs for the renovation of all schools in the district.
  • Create a budget subcommittee to monitor budget development.
  • Continue to evaluate the impact of guidance services at the middle school and high school which best support academic achievement, career planning, and school to work life skills.  Progress report by June 2013. 
  • Continue the curriculum review cycle to support student achievement and to ensure alignment with state and national standards.  Progress report annually.

Policy Management

The School Committee will review, approve, and maintain the new policy book developed in conjunction with MASC.

  • By April 2013, review the policy manual when MASC advises of potential policy changes. With the help of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC), the district will update individual policies when needed or required by district or legislative mandate.
  • Create a policy subcommittee to monitor ongoing changes in policy per MASC.

Superintendent’s Performance

  • Support the Superintendent in the implementation of strategy for systemic improvement, the implementation of the new Massachusetts Educator Evaluation System, and ongoing development of a high functioning leadership team.
  • Evaluate Superintendent’s performance and complete the School Committee overall composite evaluation by Aug. 2013, and conduct public evaluation by Sept. 2013.


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