Foxborough High School to Bolster 2013-14 Curriculum with Several Course Additions

The Foxborough School Committee approved FHS principal Diana Myers-Pachla’s proposal to bolster several courses to the 2013-14 curriculum.

First-year principal Diana Myers-Pachla has spent the first three months of the school year reviewing the Foxborough High School curriculum to identify opportunities for academic growth and expansion.

She presented her findings to the Foxborough School Committee in December with a proposal to bloster courses in special education, math, science and social studies.

After Myers-Pachla’s presentation, the school committee approved the Foxborough High School principal’s proposal to add the following courses to the 2013-14 curriculum:

Special Education Department: Transition Course

This course will provide necessary transition services for small groups of students who require specialized instruction, according to Myers-Pachla.

Groups are expected to be no more than a dozen students and team leaders will determine what transition activities will be. Transition services at Foxborough High School are currently provided but this course will provide those services in a more structured manner.

Course offerings will include introduction to foods and personal finance, college preps or honors academics, group guidance, volunteer work outside of school, part-time employment and individualized conferencing.

“It would be a good service for them,” Myers-Pachla said.

Math Department: Algebra I Honors; Algebra II B

Myers-Pachla said adding an algebra I honors course for students entering the high school from middle school is necessary and something FHS will offer in 2013-14.

Another level of algebra – II B – will also be added to next year’s curriculum.

“Algebra II B is a little bit faster paced and will give all of the concepts necessary if there is a student who needs this particular course,” Myers-Pachla said. “It’s just the levels [being added]. This is not another course at all.”

Myers-Pachla said the state recognizes two years of algebra II as only one year of math and algebra II B is a college prep course.

“It is just another [development] course.”

Science Department: AP Physics

The FHS science department will be adding AP physics in 2013-14.

“The science department is very excited to add an additional AP course,” Myers-Pachla said. “We have AP biology and AP chemistry so this will be adding the physics in as well. At some point down the road we might be looking into an AP environmental course too.”

Foxborough Schools Superintendent Debra Spinelli was thrilled to hear of the AP physics course being added to the FHS curriculum.

“This is a great addition to our AP courses,” Spinelli said.

Myers-Pachla shared Spinelli’s enthusiasm.

“I think to be able to offer students with a mindset for physics an AP course is such a plus to our department,” Myers-Pachla said.

Social Studies: AP Psychology

Myers-Pachla said AP psychology will be added to the social studies department in 2013-14.

“Again, [we are] taking the courses we already have and providing another offering to our students,” Myers-Pachla said.


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