Foxborough High School Students Aim to be 'Warrior Strong'

Editor’s note: The following was submitted by Amy Berdos, Foxborough Assistant Superintendent of Schools.

If you have been out and about in Foxborough since the opening of schools you may have noticed high school students sporting t-shirts with a new class motto: "Start Strong, Be Strong, Stay Strong and Finish Strong."  

Diana Myers-Pachla, principal of Foxborough High School, detailed the Start Strong and Finish Strong program, which focuses on student recognition of and incentive for academic excellence and personal growth for all students. The new motto is all about being strong from the start of the school year until graduation and was the focus of this week's Teaching and Learning Highlight at Monday night’s School Committee meeting.

Reinforcing respect and responsibility to be Warrior Strong in the pursuit of excellence and to do all you can do until graduation was part of the message to students during their opening days. Each class was introduced to the FinishSTRONG program through a class meeting where students viewed a brief video which reinforced the importance of setting goals, working hard and responding to what comes your way in a positive and responsible manner.  

Each class's motto differs slightly; freshmen - start strong, sophomores - be strong, juniors - stay strong and seniors - finish strong emphasizing the progression from beginning to end and the focus required for success.   Students will be recognized for making positive choices, taking responsibility and accountability for their actions, committing to their goals and working hard until graduation.  

Leading the way through their own motto, StaffSTRONG, faculty and staff will identify students each month for recognition through public displays such as the Wall of Fame, academic pep rallies and other incentives.

Students are encouraged to improve their averages and to finish strong. To succeed, they must focus, work hard, make the most of each day, and always remember - it's not what happens to you, it’s how you respond that matters.


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