Four iPads to be Donated to Mystery Classroom in Foxborough Public Schools

Foxborough Schools Superintendent announced at Monday's School Committee meeting that one classroom in the Foxborough School District will be receiving four iPads as a gift from a former employee.

When school begins in Foxborough on Tuesday, Sept. 4, one classroom in the district will be receiving four iPads as a generous gift from a former employee.

“This donation is really quite wonderful,” said Foxborough Schools Superintendent Debra Spinelli. “We had a staff member who recently retired. She wants to donate four iPads to a very specific program that she worked in while she was in Foxborough Public Schools for the benefit of the students and the teacher in that program.”

The specifics of the donation, according to Spinelli, will remain a secret … at least for now.

“We would like not to mention the name or the program because she wants to surprise [the classroom] with it,” Spinelli said. “She is going to go personally to the class and present them with the donation because she feels so strongly about those students in that class and wanted to do something wonderful.”

The superintendent did say she would be able to provide more information after school begins.

“I can tell you her name in September but she would like the benefit of going herself when school starts and surprising the class,” Spinelli said.

The Foxborough School Committee unanimously accepted the donation of four iPads to a specific Foxborough Public Schools program during Monday’s meeting.


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