Who Should Run for Foxborough Town Office This Spring?

The first day to pull nomination papers is not until Jan. 22 but with 14 town positions on the ballot in May we wanted to get an early start and ask who would you like to see run?

Maybe it's a desire to see change in local government or perhaps a New Year's resolution to get more involved with a town committee.

Whatever the reason may be, Foxborough residents interested in getting involved will have plenty of town office positions to choose from in advance of May's annual town election.

According to Foxborough Town Clerk Robert E. Cutler, Jr. there will be 14 town office positions on May's town election ballot, including his own. The first day residents can pull nomination papers is Jan. 22. Those papers must be submitted to Town Hall no later than March 18 at 5 p.m.

Here is a look at what positions are available this year and who is up for reelection (if the current town officials choose to run for another term), according Cutler:

  • Board of Selectmen (three-year term): This seat is currently held by BOS chair James DeVellis, who will be finishing his first term this May.
  • Board of Selectmen (three-year term): This seat is currently held by selectman Lynda Walsh.
  • School Committee (three-year term): This seat is currently held by Katie F. Adair.
  • School Committee (three-year term): This seat is currently held by Martha P. Slattery, who finished fourth in balloting at last May's selectman race.
  • School Committee (two-year term): This seat is currently held by Christina M. Belanger, who replaced Kate Kominsky in July. Kominsky resigned from the committee in June, citing issues with the committee as reason for her departure. "A school committee that does not follow its own processes, nor value diversity of thought or respect for colleagues is not an organization I wish to be a part of today," Kominsky said. This is a two-year term because Belanger served the first year of Kominsky's three-year term. 
  • Water & Sewer Commissioner (three-year term): This seat is currently held by William C. Euerle, who has informed the town he plans to retire at the end of his fourth term this May.
  • Board of Health (three-year term): This seat is currently held by vice chair Eric S. Arvedon.
  • Planning Board (three-year term): This seat is currently held by Ronald P. Bresse.
  • Board of Assessors (three-year term): This seat is currently held by Robert J. Hadge.
  • Boyden Library Trustee (three-year term): This seat is currently held by Jeffrey M. Lovely.
  • Boyden Library Trustee (three-year term): This seat is currently held by Janet S. Pineault.
  • Housing Authority (five-year term): This position is currently held by Susan E. Perez.
  • Town Moderator (three-year term): This position is currently held by Francis "Frank" Spillane.
  • Town Clerk (three-year term): This position is currently held by Robert E. Cutler, Jr.

We'll be keeping an eye on who is pulling papers at Town Hall and reporting on the candidates leading up to May's town election.

In the meantime, we want to know ...

TELL US: Who do you think should run for Foxborough Town Office? Let us know in the comments section below!

Dennis Naughton January 04, 2013 at 02:53 PM
No one should be elected or re-elected who supported or supports decreasing share of property taxes on businesses in Foxborough while increasing them an average of $300 per residential property owner for the coming tax year. Any candidate for town office should be questioned about this tax issue going forward, as some members of the current Board of Selectmen favor completely eliminating the higher tax on businesses, the consequence of which would be to further jack up the taxes of homeowners. A candidate's position on this issue should be regarded as a litmus test for any candidate for Selectman. Finally, any candidate for Board of Selectman should pledge to oppose the waiving of the Town's $45,000 share of tickets to the high school super bowl games in the future. The Selectmen have given away some $300,000 this way over the past several years.
Steve January 04, 2013 at 04:29 PM
See this is what makes the world go around. I disagree with both your statements. First off property taxes were not raised $300 rather the split tax rate was brought closer to where it was two years ago (and where it belongs). No one argues that our financial success has been driven by expansion on RTE 1 and other business growth, our residential growth has been rather stagnant the last decade or so. Why would you want to risk slowing this economic growth???? Foxboro has ALWAYS (until last year and this year) spit the tax rate at 50/50 and we have enjoyed steady commercial growth while other cities and towns with unfavorable tax rates have seen a decline in the business side of their tax base. Secondly the MCAA Superbowl “waiver” of fees….you make me laugh!! Who, for one second thinks that if we collect this revenue the MCAA would continue to hold theses Superbowls at Gillette??? You can’t collect a fee from an event that is not held, that is what you would get if we insisted in collecting these fees. Stop being so petty and short sighted. We collect nothing if the event is moved…we collect nothing if we host it while waiving the fees but we DO collect other revenues such as sales tax and meals tax and Hotel tax not to mention the thousands of dollars our local economy collects from all these fans coming into town and spending money.
Brian January 05, 2013 at 07:58 PM
Nicely said steve. Dennis ... it has been stated that the KO who pays for all police and fire personell plus and added 10% on top of that to the town will NOT bring this event to town at the same rate as an NFL or concert charge. The artificial turf has allowed the town to benefit from added concerts, college football, college lacrosse and other events that they pay for ticket surchage. 100% of nothing as steve indicates is ... nothing. Suggest that rather than complain, use your time to add up the town meals tax, handling charges, added business and good will to you equation and think a little. Not every penny needs to be sucked blindly into town government.


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