Unemployment Down in Foxborough for February

The town of Foxborough saw its unemployment rate go down last month.


The unemployment rate fell in Foxborough in February, according to data released last week by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.

Foxborough's unemployment rate fell a bit from January (6.8 percent) to February (6.7 percent), while both were below last year's 7.2 percent rate.

Statewide, the for the month.

The unemployment rates for area towns follow:

  • Dover's unemployment rate went up slightly, from 4.2 percent in January to 4.3 percent last month. Last February's rate was 4.5 percent.
  • Easton saw its unemployment rate fall from 6.6 percent in January to 6.2 percent last month. Last year, the rate was 7.4 percent.
  • Foxborough's unemployment rate fell a bit from January (6.8 percent) to February (6.7 percent), while both were below last year's 7.2 percent rate.
  • Mansfield saw its rate dip a bit, from 6.7 percent in January to 6.4 percent last month. Last February's rate was 7.3 percent.
  • Medfield had little change in its rate, declining from 5.6 percent to 5.5 percent last month. The rate last year was 5.6 percent.
  • Norfolk had its rate increase slightly, from 6.3 percent in January to 6.5 percent in February. Last February's rate was 7.1 percent.
  • Norton saw something of a drop in its rate, as it went from 8.3 percent in January to 7.7 percent last month. Last year's rate was 8.5 percent.
  • Norwood's rate was up to 6.2 percent in February from January's 6 percent. The rate in February 2011 was 6.7 percent.
  • Plainville saw a jump in its unemployment rate, from 9 percent in January to 9.3 percent last month. The rate last February was 9.5 percent.
  • Wrentham's unemployment rate increased from 6.7 in January to 7.1 percent last month. The rate in February 2011 was 7.5 percent.
  • Sharon's unemployment rate dropped .6 percentage points, from 5.7 percent in January to 5.1 percent in February. Last February's rate was 5.7 percent.
  • Stoughton's rate fell just a bit in February, from 6.9 percent in January to 6.8 percent last month. The rate in Feburary 2011 was 7.3 percent.

Steve C April 02, 2012 at 10:56 AM
Are these figures checked against the number of unemployed no longer eligible to file?
paul April 02, 2012 at 01:59 PM
Once the casino gets going unemployment will be zero in Foxborough, that figure should make all foxboro born proud.
Calvin Reefer April 02, 2012 at 07:54 PM
The only change to the unemployment rate will be for Central Falls, Pawtucket, Brockton and other Spanish-speaking enclaves. The only word of English necessary to get a job at the casino will be "Housekeeping???" and most Foxboro residents will be overqualified. This is the future for "Jobs for Foxboro."
Steve C April 02, 2012 at 09:49 PM
Calvin that is a border line racist comment. It may be accurate that lower income jobs will be offered but there is no need for that type of comment. I don't disagree with your comment either I am just in disagreement with your way of stating it. Maybe you could jump on board with the rest of the world and understand that speaking a different language or earning less than your neighbor doesn't make you less of a person. And for the record I don't speak spanish and I live in Foxboro.
Calvin Reefer April 04, 2012 at 03:32 PM
What's racist about speaking the truth? According to recent census data, there are 16,246 people, 6,141 households, and 4,396 families in Foxboro. The racial makeup of the town was 97.09% White, 0.82% Black or African American, 0.11% Native American, 1.22% Asian, 0.01% Pacific Islander, 0.20% from other races, and 0.54% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.06% of the population. Most adult residents of the town finished high school and attended college. Most of the jobs that will be available at Wynn's casino will be at the lowest end of the service industry ... restaurant and bar help, housekeeping staff for the hotel, for which most Foxboro residents will be far overqualified. Those jobs will be filled by the otherwise unemployable, and most of those will come racing from over the Rhode Island border. That's the reality of how those jobs will be filled, not the nonsense that the Kraft and Wynn PR flacks are trying to spin.
Steve C April 04, 2012 at 04:33 PM
I am 100% in agreement with you. It was just the way your first comment comes across. I wasn't looking for a Casino discussion on this thread. Just some real data on unemployment. The numbers that the state continues to release do not seem to take in to account those that have exhausted their benefits.
Amy April 04, 2012 at 05:31 PM
I agree with Calvin. Why sugar coat it? I speak Spanish and I am not Hispanic or Spanish at all. It's nice to know it whenever I change the television station and Telemundo is on, or when I am at 5 Guys at Patriot Place and need to ask the cook to add something to my burger. I am not a teacher in a Spanish speaking community, I am not a social worker and I am not a nurse in an inner city hospital. So, Spanish is nice to know, but not necessary. The reason why Spanish speaking people will be taking those low wage jobs is because you don't need to speak a word of English to do them. ie: housekeeping, bathroom attendant, janitorial, fry cook, etc......This applies to other immigrants who don't speak a word of English as well. Southeast Asians have taken over the nail salon market (speaking very little English) So, let's see who is the real 'racist'? A Wynn "resort" will NOT hire anyone to work in any of the fancy salons that does not speak English WELL. Lilly white girls and Euro trash will be doing your nails and hair. That's also who will be waiting tables, serving you drinks, and dealing at the blackjack table.


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