State of Foxborough: Department by Department Updates on Town Preparations As Storm Hits

Here's the most recent update from Town Hall regarding Foxborough's storm prep as the snow begins to pick up.

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Foxborough officials and department heads met with Town Manager Kevin Paicos Friday morning in the Andrew Gala Meeting Room of Town Hall in preparation for the incoming snowstorm.

Here’s a roundup of important information to take from the morning briefing:

Foxborough Police Department:

  • There will be three dispatchers handling calls at the Foxborough Public Safety Building
  • Dispatchers will have the most current information available for the public by phone. Residents are also encouraged to refer to Foxborough Patch for current storm information
  • Four cars will be on the road
  • Extra staff has been informed to report in full uniform Friday
  • McGinty Room of Public Safety Building will be used as the town’s Emergency Operations Center; Public is asked not to use McGinty Room at this time
  • Town Manager Kevin Paicos will either be stationed at Town Hall or the Public Safety Building
  • Motorcycles of Manchester may supply snowmobiles or gators to Foxborough Public Safety if necessary

Foxborough Fire Station:

  • Fire Department will staff up to 12 for storm; May request more staffing if necessary

Department of Public Works:

  • Snow clearing priorities are as follows: Main roads and secondary roads; Keeping well roads clear; Subdivisions; Push back in case it snows again; Sidewalks, schools and parking lots
  • DPW Director Roger Hill says there shouldn’t be a problem open schools Monday if the snow is “light and fluffy.” Heavier snow will create more problems clearing the snow.

National Grid Liaison in Foxborough

Tom Coughlin, National Grid liaison for Foxborough, is staging out of Highway Garage

“Hoping this is a non-event,” Coughlin said. “We put in our storm chain-of-command structure last night. The final steps are today.”

Coughlin expects National Grid to be fully staffed when storm hits and “is ready to go.”

Coughlin’s concern locally is housing the elderly, water & sewer issues, etc.

Power outages are likely if snow is “wet and heavy.”

National Grid tree crews are in town to assist Highway Department, address downed trees.

Decision on Shelters Will Be Made After Storm

  • The decision to open a shelter in town will be made collectively by town officials and will not be made until after the storm. The decision will be based on situation and the town’s condition following the storm.
  • Town officials will convene Saturday to assess condition of the town following storm.
  • Paicos says “people are on their own during the storm unless they have an emergency they cannot handle themselves.” In that event, emergency/medical services will respond as soon as possible.
  • If town establishes a shelter it will be at Burrell Elementary School.

Warming Facility Will Be Town Hall (If Needed):

  • If the town loses power and a warming facility is needed, Paicos says he will open Town Hall to allow people to come in and charge electronics and keep warm.
  • The warming facility will be in the Andrew Gala Meeting Room of Town Hall if established.
  • Decision on opening Warming Facility will be based on power outage situation in town.
  • Residents are asked not to use the McGinty Room of the Public Safety Building as it is the town’s Emergency Operation Center.

Vulnerable Population:

  • About 40 people on call list in town. All have been contacted. “Handful of people have remained in town for storm.” Council On Aging will keep in contact with these individuals.
  • A “couple people” will need generators if town loses power.
  • Evacuation plans have been coordinated; Council On Aging will reach out to individuals if necessary.

Veterans Population:

  • Veterans Agent Mike Johns said there are a handful of disabled and injured veterans in town that he will remain in touch with.

Building Inspector Update:

Building Inspector Bill Casbarra said most of the structure damage in town will occur after the storm.

“There may be a catastrophic failure to structure and if that’s the case we are on call,” Casbarra said.

Casbarra said the difference between this storm and the ones of ’78, ’95 and two years is that there will be a four-day warming trend immediately following the snow.

“We are going to have some serious flooding issues and you will get a lot of weight on roofs from that,” Casbarra said. “I anticipate we will be very busy next week.”

Other Information:

  • Stop & Shop is open until midnight.


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