Two Selectmen Offered Chance to See Splitsville Orlando

Resident Stephanie McGowen discusses the letter from Splitsville with the selectmen
Resident Stephanie McGowen discusses the letter from Splitsville with the selectmen

While the chief of police went down to Splitsville, don't expect the selectmen to accept an invite to the luxury lanes’ location at Downtown Disney in Orlando.

According to a letter addressed to Acting Town Manager Bob Cutler made public on Tuesday and brought to the board's attention by resident Stephanie McGowen, Splitsville co-founder Mark Gibson recently invited Chairman Mark Sullivan, Selectman John Gray, and Town Council Dick Gellerman to Splitsville in Orlando to provide more context to their business model for Splitsville Patriot Place.

“We believe that this location most closely resembles what we have proposed for Patriot Place,” Gibson said in the letter dated Nov. 27.

To provide even more context to what Splitsville at Patriot Place would look like, performers from Howl at the Moon were scheduled to perform a Howl show on the night for their visit.

Sullivan however did not return the letter, did not forward it to any board members, and has no plans to go to Orlando. The selectmen are not allowed to accept gifts over $50, making Sullivan worried about breaking the law if he were to go.

“There’s no way I would respond to that email because entity should know better than that to know that they can’t pay me or any other board member to go to an establishment in another state,” Sullivan said.

Earlier this year, the selectmen approved a visit to Splitsville in Orlando by Foxboro Police Chief Ed O’Leary where his transportation and hotel accommodations were paid for by the Kraft Group. The practice was not new for O’Leary as he had gone on previous business trips in the past to study the security precedes of other NFL stadiums.

To read the letter in its entirely, click on the photos above or click here.

Steve December 11, 2013 at 08:16 AM
It is not illegal Mark, you just have to get the OK by the Ethics Commission just like the Chief did. There was more in that letter than an invitation and for the town to not give ANY response to the olive branch being offered is unprofessional and rude. Sorry just how I feel. And how is it that this letter, dated Nov. 27th did not make it into the other selectmen's packets?????
Janet Kennedy December 11, 2013 at 08:34 AM
Steve I agree . I am on a board and when I had a question about going some place I called the Ethics Commission and they told me what to do.
Steve December 11, 2013 at 09:22 AM
yeah pretty simple. But I've noticed when it comes to anything to do with that stretch of RT 1 NOTHING is simple


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