Selectman ‘Bleeds Blue & Gold’ for Community; Readies Campaign for Reelection

Selectman Lynda Walsh says she is running for reelection this spring because she is committed to what is best for the town and hopes to help grow a strong downtown while facilitating change.

Friends have told selectman Lynda Walsh that she “bleeds blue and gold” because of her love for Foxborough and dedication to representing her neighbors at Town Hall.

“I have been honored and proud to serve my community to help us continue and grow as a place where people come and stay to raise their children,” said Walsh. “I have been blessed in meeting so many wonderful residents and business owners who feel comfortable speaking to me where it be for praising our decision or making their feelings known why they were not happy with my/our decision on an issue.”

Walsh agrees that she bleeds the town's colors because she relates to fellow residents and is committed to doing what is best for the town.

“I am someone who has to pay those taxes, water bills etc.,” Walsh said. “I hope [residents] know I take that into consideration every time I make a decision just how it will impact all residents, young and old. I truly enjoy the process of town government even if I find it frustrating at times.”

Despite some tumultuous – and frustrating - issues to come across the board’s table over the past year, Walsh says there’s been “so many things” she’s enjoyed during her six years as selectman, which is why she decided last week to run for reelection, pulling nomination papers on Feb. 5.

“In making my decision to run for reelection to the Board of Selectmen, I looked at the various issues we as a town we are facing over the next several years,” Walsh said. “I believe the experience and knowledge I have acquired over the last six years has given me a complete understanding of how the town works as a whole.  We are facing many issues surrounding our water and sewer, the debate on a Town Hall and our ongoing talks with the Kraft Organization.”

With these issues in mind, Walsh says “now is not the time for a change in these two seats” on the Board of Selectmen.

“It is important that continuity carries us through the next few years as we work to make important choices that will affect all of the residents,” Walsh said.

Current BOS chair James DeVellis is also up for reelection this spring but has yet to announce his plans. Residents Richard Letson and John Gray Jr. have also pulled papers to run for selectman this spring.

Walsh says as a selectman, she prides herself in her common sense and open communication at the BOS table.

“I believe I have a good working relationship with all town workers, department heads and managers and I find if I have questions I am comfortable enough to call and ask my questions, knowing they will be answered,” Walsh said.

Asked what she hopes to accomplish if reelected, Walsh said she would like to see the town maintain its economic stability and encourage the growth of more business in town.

“I sincerely do not have just one agenda in my mind for being reelected,” Walsh said. “It is more wanting to help facilitate the changes that are coming over the next few years. We have been fortunate so far to maintain economic stability over the past few years and I want to see that continue. I would like to see us continue to encourage more businesses, especially in the downtown location and grow a strong center of Town. 

“I would like for us to continue to be a safe and inviting place to live and raise a family with a sense of pride when one says ‘I live in Foxborough.’ If I can play a small part in that then I have succeeded.”

Residents who have pulled nomination papers have until March 18 to submit those papers with 50 voter signatures to the Town Clerk’s office. A resident becomes an official ballot candidate when Town Clerk Robert Cutler verifies the 50 signatures.

Town Election is scheduled for May 6. To read more on the potential candidates as well as open positions, click here. 

Deborah A Stewart February 23, 2013 at 03:34 PM
Thank you Lynda for choosing to run for reelection. Your dedication and common sense approach to Foxboro's issues has over the past six years been key to producing positive outcomes on many issues. It is my hope that the residents in town will educate themselves on the issues we face and on the views of those who are running. This is not a one issue campaign this year! Once again, thank you Lynda and Jim for your dedicated hard work over the past 3 years. Let's continue the positive path we are headed on.


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