Foxborough School Committee Members Kominsky, Gardner Address Voters

Despite running unopposed, school committee members Kate Kominsky and Bruce Gardner address voters at the Foxboro Jaycees' Candidates' Night.

When Foxborough goes to vote on May 7, there will 10 names on the ballot that are in uncontested races including two members of the school committee.

Prior to the Foxboro Jaycees’ selectmen debate at their candidates’ night, both members up for reelection were give the opportunity to address the voters with a five minute statement.

Up for reelection from the school committee are Kate Kominsky and Bruce Gardner.

Reading from a prepared statement, Kominsky highlighted the committee's ability to efficiently budget the school system and the positive reputation that the town’s school district has developed.

“For more than the last decade we have returned money to the tax payers,” Kominsky said. 

The newest move by the committee according to Kominsky returns $1.3 million dollars to the taxpayers while keeping a commitment to renovate Foxborough High School. In addition, Kominsky took the time to remind viewers that the school district was able to return over $550,000 in stimulus funds. 

Praising teachers and their ability to improve students and achieve high standardized test scores, Kominsky said that Foxborough ranks as one of the top 50 school district in the state. 

“We have talented teachers and employees across the districts. The reputation of the Foxborough public schools allows us to attract and retain the best,” Kominsky said.

Despite the good news, the soon to be reelected school committee member showed no signs of being content.

“Student achievement is strong and as good at it may be we need to keep improving. It remains one of our top goals each year,” Kominsky said.

Unable to attend the forum due to a prior commitment coaching a youth baseball game, school committee chairman Bruce Gardner had his statement read by moderator David Brown. In his statement, Gardner highlighted the achievements and accomplishes by the committee during his first three year term.

“While there has been noise and emotion around a number of municipal issues....our committed has purposely maintained an unwavering focus on the quality of instruction in our schools,” Gardner wrote. 

Among the achievements listed was the hiring of a superintendent, an assistant superintendent, a new business manage and most recently a new high school principal.

Like Kominsky, Gardner praised the high school renovation project which will be completed on time and under budget.

Overall, Gardner expressed satisfaction about what he has been able to do in his first term, but is looking forward to making more improvements during his second term. 

“When I ran for office three years ago, I spoke about our strong community support and my desire to harness it for the improvement of our schools,” he said in the statement. “The next three years should be our time to focus on innovation, leadership, and high expectations in our classrooms.“

To watch Kominsky's and Gardner's statements in their entierty, click here.


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