Private Solar in Mansfield Not Affecting MMED Revenue

Solar facilities in Mansfield not affecting revenue for the electric department.

Mansfield's electric department will not be affected by large-scale private solar generation facilities, according to the Mansfield Municipal Electric Department.

Since the implementation of such a facility, like the one the Miller Recycling Group uses, there has been only a negligible drop in electricity purchase by the company.

"The nonexistent impact on the utility is partly because at the end of the day your still selling electricity to these two companies," light commissioner Olivier Kozlowski said. 

Town manager William Ross said that the solar generators actually benefit the Mansfield rate payers, albeit at a rate of fractions of pennies an hour.

"It's interesting that some of the benefit that accrues from individual business owners who use solar go to all the ratepayers," he said. "Every customer benefits slightly; it’s a minute amount but it’s still there.

Kozlowski added that work is continuing at the landfill for Manfield's own municipal solar facility.


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