Mansfield Lights Restored Up and Running

Mansfield lights are all back on.

Town manager William Ross said on Wednesday that the lights put out nearly four years ago in Mansfield have been turned back on.

The lights were originally turned off as a cost-saving measure during a tight budget season in 2009.

“All the lights that went out were turned on,” he said.

The lights were a subject of heated debate during the 2012 spring town meeting, as costs were tight, but resident demand for the lights to be turned back on was fervent.

Ross said that some lights in the Cabot Business Park were not turned on because, he and light department administrators agreed, were redundant and unnecessary.

Ross added that lights on Route 106 going towards Easton were not turned on either because of roadwork currently underway by the state.

Ross said that Mansfield Municipal Electric Department employees are looking for burnouts as well throughout the coming months and will be replacing them.

“If there are lights that are not burning please call and we will get them going,” he said.


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