Large Crowd Expect to Cast Votes For Foxborough Selectman: (Take Our Poll)

The voters of Foxborough will have their pick of four candidates to fill two seats on the board of selectmen Monday.


In case the lawn signs across town don’t give it away, it's election time.

When voters go to the polls for local elections on Monday, there will be four candidates vying for the two three-year term selectmen spots available.

After seeing a voter turnout of 24.7-percent in 2009 and then 27.3 in 2010, the 2011 elections saw a drastic drop with only 17-percent of register voters in towns heading to the polls.

With the major issue of a casino on Route 1 taking the town by storm, turnout is expected to see a significant increase when Foxborough goes to vote May 7 at the Ahern School from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“Voter interest has been high this election season. I am anticipating a turnout in excess of 50-percent,” said Foxborough Town Clerk Bob Cutler.

The high interest is something that current board of selectmen chairman Larry Harrington noted during his reelection campaign.

“Never had so many people calling, asking for lawn signs and asking to help,” Harrington said. “This election should be a huge turnout.”

Harrington along with selectman candidate and current school committee member Martha Slattery support hearing a proposal over the potential casino and destination resort.

His support has made him a target for anti-casino voters looking to add another anti-casino vote to the board of selectmen. Last December, the board voted 3-2 to send a letter to Governor Deval Patrick, the Kraft Organization, the Wynn Group, and the State Gaming Commission saying that they will not negotiate a deal to place a casino across the street from Gillette Stadium.

Slattery has expressed caution concerning a casino, saying that she would rather see the proposal before deciding if she is for or against having the casino.

“Being for or against any issue before its presented to me is political suicide,” Slattery said at the Foxboro Jaycees’ Candidates Night on April 27.

Slattery, who currently sits on the school committee, is running for selectman for the second time after a failed attempt in 2009.

“Martha and I trust the 11,000 voters to make the decision after they carefully weigh the negatives and positives of the proposal,” said Harrington.

Voting in favor of the letter was Harrington’s fellow board member Lorraine Brue. The incumbent has shown optimism that she will be reelected on Monday.

“I believe my campaign has gone well and hope for a positive outcome on Monday,” said Brue. 

Like the other candidates, Brue has received an influx of support in what has been a more competitive election season that usual. 

“I have been overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of support and good wishes I am receiving from residents who stop to talk with me about Monday's election,” Brue said.  “I am also appreciative of all of the support provided by members of my campaign team. They have been instrumental in helping me stay strong as a candidate.”

While some are focusing specifically on the casino issue, Ginny Copolla feels that she has more to off than just an opinion on the single issue. 

“I feel that my campaign is going very well because I reflect the opinions of the many people in Foxborough who do not want a casino sited in town,” Copolla said. “However, these same people feel that I will be able to tackle the other issues facing this town so that I am not viewed as an one issue candidate.”

Copploa, who is a former state representative and a former member of a racetrack research group, believes that voters while keeping the casino issue in mind are looking beyond that to choose the best representives for their town.

“While it was not my intention to make Monday's election a referendum on the casino issue, apparently it is more and more looking that way.  I prefer to think that the election is about the opportunity for the people of Foxborough to choose their representatives on the board of selectmen that reflect their own views,” Coppola said.

You can reach the candidates at their websites and emails:

Lorriane Brue: http://www.brueforselectman.org

Ginny Coppola: http://www.coppolaforselectman.com

Larry Harrington: www.larryharringtonforselectman.com

Martha Slattery:MarthaSlattery@gmail.com

Foxboro Born May 06, 2012 at 05:49 PM
Gee thanks. Unfortunately, I'm trying to keep Foxboro from becoming a city. If you want to live in a city with a casino, Taunton might be getting one. I like Foxboro the way it is.
R. Hood May 06, 2012 at 05:52 PM
Back at you with LOL. In the end we're all neighbors and we're in this together!!!
One Day More May 06, 2012 at 08:22 PM
One more day before the storm at the barricades of freedom. When our ranks begin to form, will you take your place with me? (the time is now the place is here). One more day to revolution we will nip in the bud...we'll be ready for these schoolboys they will wet themselves with blood! Do you here the people sing! Tomorrow is the judgement day. Tomorrow we'll discover what our God has in store. One more day, one day more
schooly D May 07, 2012 at 10:31 AM
Nice job with the Les Miserables lyrics!
xojmo May 07, 2012 at 08:25 PM
Les Miz and Animal Farm?! You know, I totally forget what this article was about as I scrolled through all the very interesting comments (I'm looking at you Chilly McGee!). Funny thing is, I told the Casino guy, if you can promise Foxboro won't lose power for five days like we did last fall, I'm sure you'd be welcomed with open arms. He knew what i was talking about, and he said that would be discussed at an open meeting. If Kraft can get his electricity from somewhere else, well then maybe Wynn Casinos can help us do that too. Think about what they could do for Foxboro, as opposed to the fictitious "hookers" and "drugs" it'll bring to our town. Open your minds. That's all. Listen. Learn. And then make an informed decision.


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