Foxborough DPW Provides Information on Snow Removal, Plowing and Parking Ban During Storm

Foxborough's Department of Public Works issued a statement Thursday to inform residents of the town's parking ban and snow removal and plowing procedures.

With the current weather forecast for Friday predicting over 12 inches of snow, Foxborough's Department of Public Works has issued the following statement on the town's website:

"We have not had a storm like this in quite some time. All residents should be aware that deep snow requires the DPW to open up roads initially, and later to push back the drifts to the curb. The reason we must push the snow back is that we need to create room in case there is another storm following the one expected Friday, which frequently happens in February. If we do not push back, there will be no room for the additional snow."

The DPW also addressed a common complaint from residents regarding clearing the end of driveways.

"People frequently complain that they have cleared the end of their driveways, and along comes the DPW and fills them in," The statement read. "We are well aware of this but there is no other alternative for us. It would serve residents well to await that second push back until they open their driveway ends."

As for parking bans in town during the snowstorm, the DPW says vehicle parking on roadways during snowstorms is not allowed.

"If a vehicle impedes the services of snowplows in the operation of clearing roadways, said vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense," the statement said.

Furthermore, the DPW mentions there is a by-law in place that states snow may not be thrown out on a public way, i.e. sidewalks or roadways.

As for damages to mailboxes, plantings, fences and any other property placed within the town layout/right of way, the DPW says the town is not responsible.

"The town will not be responsible for damages as a result of snow removal operations except in cases where the elderly, infirmed or handicapped reside," the statement said. "In the case of the latter, the town will provide the labor to install what was damaged provided the resident buys the replacement."

The DPW asks homeowners to shovel out drains and fire hydrants "to keep them as free from snow and ice as possible."

Furthermore, sand and salt is available to Foxborough homeowners only, located at the Town Highway Garage by the School Bus fence at 70 Elm St.

"Please do not come during the storm," the statement said. "It will impede Highway personnel and private contractors from entering and exiting the garage to engage in snowplowing operations."

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Pat Larkin February 07, 2013 at 06:31 PM
As for shoveling driveways...if you use your brain a little, when shoveling at the end by the street make sure you pile snow to the right as you face the road. This will help to keep the plows needing to push back from pushing a huge pile back in your driveway, which will happen if you pile it up to the left! Instead, the plow will push that pile of snow past your driveway, not in it! Those guys are out there for hours on end and are not trying to annoy you. They are only doing their job!


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