Completion of Water Treatment Plant Could Reduce Brown Water in Foxborough by Summer 2013

Once completed, the $6.8 million water treatment plant off Oak Street will remove iron and manganese from the water on the east side of town and add chemicals to reduce the corrosive acidity of the water.

As many residents continue to experience brown water throughout town there may be a remedy to the problem coming to the east side of town by early summer 2013.

Foxborough DPW Director Roger Hill recently told Foxborough Patch the $6.8 million water treatment plant off Oak Street is on target to be completed by early summer. Once online, the plant will remove iron and manganese from the water – the primary cause of brown water in town – and add chemicals to reduce the corrosive acidity of the water.

“That [plant is] under construction right now,” Hill said. … “All the masonry work is done at the plant. Some of the roof is on.”

Hill said in addition to constructing the Oak Street plant the DPW chose to rehabilitate the three wells because they were producing less water.

“In the course of building the filter plant we basically made the decision that we would have to take those wells offline,” Hill said. “But we also wanted to replace the pumps and the guts and the stations so we can now read the stations remotely rather than having to go there every day. We are trying to modernize the system.”

The three wells off Oak Street were taken offline three months ago, which changed the flow characteristics throughout the whole water system.

The plan is to complete the water treatment plant and get those three wells back online by early summer 2013. Hill said while construction is currently on target to meet that date it is dependant on several things happening this winter.

“As soon as the [new] tanks go in [to the water treatment plant] we will finish the roof and we will be dry for the winter and can work inside,” Hill said.

The tanks arrived on Dec. 17. After the tanks are in place, the “heavy lifting begins,” according to Hill.

“The guts of the plant is where all the heavy lifting is,” Hill said. “The big pipes, the electrical, the circuits, the chlorinators, everything is inside.”

Hill said the wells have been gutted and there were a couple of pumps that the town was going to replace before the plant’s expected completion this summer.

“All the wells will be back in service at the same time the plant is completed,” Hill said.

The $6.8 million plant is being built on Lamson Road off Oak Street and is expected to clean up the water for the east side of town similarly to how Witch Pond filters the water on the west side of town.

While getting the Oak Street plant online will help reduce brown water on the east side of town, it will not completely rid the system of the issue. For more information on the brown water issue in town, click here.


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