BOS Chair Says National Grid Liaison Will Be in Foxborough for Snowstorm; Asks Residents to Stay Off Roads

Foxborough Board of Selectmen chair James DeVellis provided the following update to the community regarding Friday's snowstorm after meeting with Town Manager Kevin Paicos and Foxborough Fire Chief Roger Hatfield Thursday afternoon.

Foxborough Board of Selectmen chair James DeVellis said he has been in “tight contact” with Town Manager Kevin Paicos and Foxborough Fire Chief Roger Hatfield Thursday about Friday’s potentially “historic” blizzard and believes the town is well prepared for the region’s first major snowstorm in almost two years.

“After three major storms [in a year-and-a-half] I am satisfied that our staff and volunteers can come together quickly and efficiently,” DeVellis said. “Suggestion by the town is to obviously stay off the roads if possible and let us clear and focus on snow removal as it is predicted to come fast.”

DeVellis said the most recent forecasts he has heard are predicting a fast-moving storm, beginning mid-afternoon Friday.

“Foxborough is on the edge of the heavy/light snow divide so the impact will depend on [that divide],” DeVellis said.

The BOS chair provided the following storm update for residents following conversations with Paicos and Hatfield Thursday afternoon.

  •  Department heads have all been briefed and are prepared
  • Our National Grid liaison [Tom Coughlin] will be in Foxborough and included in our Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • The Medical Reserve Corps Volunteer Group coordinated with our Fire Chief and are ready
  • We have 50 snow contractors on call and committed to Foxborough as well as our own DPW fleet
  • All equipment is fueled and sand/salt loaded and ready
  • Police and fire extra staff have been notified and prepared for Friday morning
  • Seniors on our call list are being called already by our Council on Aging Director and staff
  • Foxboro Cable Access TV is running the emergency preparedness information on our government channel
  • Emergency generators are being distributed to the senior centers and other storm equipment is being prepped
  • Foxborough Veterans Agent is coordinating his efforts
  • Fire Chief is in contact with Foxborough School Superintendent and evaluating the school cancellation potential
  • There are two alternate Foxborough Emergency shelters ready to go depending on the situation

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Catherine Doucette February 08, 2013 at 02:53 PM
How do seniors get on a call list? We moved here in July and didn't know about this.


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