A Voter's Guide to Foxborough's Special Town Meeting Tuesday

Foxborough voters will gather inside the auditorium of Foxborough High School Tuesday night to say "Yes" or "No" to 13 warrant articles, including the proposed turf field (Article 6). Here's what you need to know.

What: Foxborough Special Town Meeting to vote "yes" or "no" on 13 warrant articles.

When: Tuesday, Dec. 11; 7:30 p.m.

Where: Foxborough High School auditorium.

Residents will have the opportunity Tuesday to exercise their democratic right and decide the fate of 13 warrant articles, including Article 6, which proposes the construction of a turf field at the high school.

Rundown Warrant Articles to be Presented at Special Town Meeting:

  • Article 1 Fire Contract
  • Article 2 Police Contract
  • Article 3 Highway Contract
  • Article 4 Unpaid Bill from Prior Years
  • Article 5 Town Hall Plans
  • Article 6 Artificial Turf Field
  • Article 7 Municipal Employee Organ Donors
  • Article 8 Water and Sewer Employees
  • Article 9 M.G.L., Chapter 40, s 8J
  • Article 10 Tier I Assessment
  • Article 11 Amend Zoning By-Laws
  • Article 12 Amend Zoning By-Laws
  • Article 13 Municipal Housing Trust

To read the summary of each article, click here.

A Summary of the Advisory Committee's Recommendations:

Foxborough's Advisory Committee has taken positions on each of the warrant’s 13 articles in advance of Special Town Meeting and will share those recommendations with voters on STM floor Tuesday night.

Of the 13 articles on the warrant, AdCom will recommend approval on seven, no action on three and disapproval on three, including Article 6, the community turf field project.

To view the AdCom's recommendations in detail, click here.

A Closer Look at Article 6, the Turf Field Project:

There's always at least one warrant article that becomes to focal point of every town meeting. Article 6, according to Advisory Committee chair Larry Thomas, is that article for Tuesday's Special Town Meeting.

“It is a contentious and emotional issue for a lot of people," Thomas said. "This is the article that people are going to show up to vote on.”

For more information on the proposed community turf field project, click the following links:

  • Turf's Up Provides Informational Brochure on Community Turf Field Project
  • A Closer Look at Proposed Funding for Foxborough’s Turf Field Project
  • Advisory Committee Will Not Recommend Turf Field Project at Town Meeting
  • Selectmen Split on Turf Field Project
  • School Committee to Sponsor Warrant Article for Foxborough’s Turf Field Project
  • Foxborough School Committee Clarifies Position on Turf Field Project


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