Waxy O'Connor's Hits Another Bump in the Road

Liquor license hearing set tentatively for April 12.

Waxy O'Connor's liquor license for 6 days, Foxborough Police Chief O'Leary submitted a hearing request for another series of alleged liquor license violations.

The most recent alleged violations occurred on St. Patrick's Day where O'Leary stated an "overcrowding" situation took place.

Waxy O'Connor's has recently agreed to increased vigilance by adding police details on Friday and Saturday nights.

Waxy O'Connor's has contested the prior license suspensions and will be having a hearing before the State Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission at a date to be determined.

Stop the Madness May 20, 2011 at 12:25 PM
Foxborough Police Chief O'Leary, how exactly did you count the patrons? Did you close the establishment and count them as they left? Did you hand out cards with numbers on them and when you ran out you knew there where to many? Did you take your shoes off and use your fingers and toes? How many other places did you check that night? I always thought Haloween was the night for Witch Hunts not St. Patricks Day.


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