Foxborough Town Meeting Approves New Engine For Fire Department

Foxborough town meeting approved new fire engine to be funded by ambulance funds.


The Foxborough Fire Department will be getting a new fire engine without taxpayer money.

Instead, it will be just matter of getting the money out of the ambulance profits

“There is a need to replace a fire engine,” said finance director Randy Scollins. “We will have the money from ambulance receptos, but it has to be the bank before you can pay for it.

It will take 10 months to get the fire truck delivered, said Scollins. By then, the money will be available.

“It will never leave the town,” said Scollins,

Overall, town meeting approved $1,000,978 for the fire department for capital improvement. Town meeting members approved it 163-0.

Fire Chief Roger Hatfield said in addition replacing 20-year-old Engine 21 at a cost of $570,00.  There will be a refurbishing another fire engine , a new deputy fire chief car and breathing equipment for the firefighters.

“We are doing this without taxation,” said Hatfield. “It will come from the ambulance fund.”

Hatfield said he had never been involved in a refurbishing, but went to other towns to look at places where it has been done. “

“I’m very happy with what I saw,” said Hatfield.

Hatfield said he tried to get federal grants for the breathing equipment, but was unsuccessful.



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