Foxborough Police Department Pursuing Statewide Accreditation

Foxborough would become one of just 59 departments in the Commonwealth to achieve certification or accreditation.

The Foxborough Police Department is pursuing something that has been achieved by only 59 of the state’s 351 communities: accreditation.

“I like to think we are following the best practices that exist in policing and by obtaining this status it will make us one of 59 communities out of 351 in the state that have achieved [either certification or accreditation],” O’Leary said.

FPD has spent the last several years pursuing certification as part of the statewide Accreditation Commission, according to O’Leary.

“It’s not just developing policies to address issues but making sure our practices follow the policies so as to make sure the public gets the best service,” O’Leary said.

The news of Foxborough's pursuit was shared at Tuesday’s Board of Selectmen meeting by BOS chair James DeVellis.

“It’s a big step,” DeVellis said. … “Over the next few months they are going to be working hard.”

DeVellis added this is the type of distinction the town can be proud of and hopes the department can achieve accreditation.

“[It’s] something I’m proud to see,” DeVellis said. “If you see a police officer say congratulations. Hopefully they make it because it will elevate Foxborough to a higher level. Good job to them.”

Selectman Lynda Walsh recalled a time not too long ago when accreditation was not an option for the town’s police force.

“When the police station was at the Town Hall we were told you could pretty much forget about accreditation,” Walsh said. “This is great.”

In order to achieve accreditation, the Foxborough Police Department will need to first obtain certified status by the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission.

The Commission will conduct a certification visit in Foxborough to conduct an evaluation of the state’s 150 mandatory standards. Following that visit, the assessment team will decide whether to recommend Foxborough for certification.

If certified then Foxborough will take a critical step toward being accredited.

The Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission is an organization that administers a voluntary accreditation process for the Commonwealth’s law enforcement profession, according to Massachusetts Municipal Association. Certification and accreditation are considered among the best measures of a police department’s compliance with professional law enforcements standards, according to MMA.


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