Foxborough Police Cracking Down on Speeders

Foxborough Police are ready to crack down on speeding.


Foxborough Police are cracking down on people speeding on the town roads.

Their main concern is to target streets where there is a high level of accidents.

“We try to target roads that have more traffic crashes to try to slow people down because that is one of the causes,” said Foxborough Police Chief Edward O’Leary.

When it comes to complaints and concerns, there is no specific spot that has a higher concern, but rather scattered all across town.

“It varies from small neighborhoods to places like South High Street,” O’Leary said, about where concerns of speeding come from.

While there is speeding happening on roads like Oak Street and similar roads that were built wide like Beach Street and Green Street/Route 106, it becomes an issue when vehicles going above the speed limit on busier roads that see heavy usage cause accidents.

In March, Oak Street residents asked the town to crack down on speeding on the wide and mostly straight road.

The road located off of Mechanic Street, Oak has a reputation for speeding, but hasn't had more accident related issues compared to other roads, according to O’Leary.

The street's reputation is also helped by drivers coming off Interstate 95 who see the street as a continuation of the highway.

In the past three years, Oak Street has had 17 accidents, which is not one of the highest compared to other streets.

Currently, the street has a speed trailer that shows motorists how fast they are going, but it will be moved to a different road in the near future.

The Foxborough selectmen are currently looking for a solution and are planning to revisit the issue by the end of May.

Based on 2010-11 crash data, South Street, Mechanic Street, North Street, and Main Street are next on the watch list for speeding.

Expect to see more police cars on these roads to encourage drivers to remain at the speed limit.

The roads are considered to be main roads with the exception of North Street that sees heavy traffic because of its proximity to Gillette Stadium.


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