Foxborough Man Charged with Lewdness After Allegedly Exposing Himself Near Igo School

Bryant P. Lane, 24, of South Street, Foxborough was arrested and charged with three counts of open and gross lewdness.

A Foxborough man who allegedly exposed himself while walking in the area of South Street was arrested and charged with three counts of open and gross lewdness, according to Foxborough Police reports.

Bryant P. Lane, 24, of South Street was arrested by Foxborough Police on Oct. 5 following an investigation by officer Charles Gallagher.

According to Gallagher’s police report, Lane was allegedly seen walking down South Street in the area of the Igo Elementary School with his penis exposed.

Police were notified of the incident at 1:58 p.m. and responded to the area. Upon arrival at South Street, a witness told Gallagher “the guy you’re looking for went into [Rockhill Cemetery],” according to police reports.

When Gallagher arrived at the cemetery, a second witness said Lane was allegedly sitting on a bench in the cemetery after “walking down the street with his private part in the open,” according to police reports.

Gallagher entered the cemetery and found Lane sitting on a bench at Rockhill Cemetery, reporting when he got within 4 to 6 feet of Lane he observed Lane’s fly to his pants was down and his “penis was partially exposed,” according to police reports.

“It appeared as if he did not have any underwear on,” Gallagher said.

Gallagher then reportedly detained Lane for questioning but did not place him under arrest because the incident was still under investigation, according to police reports.

“As [Lane] stood up his privates became fully exposed,” Gallagher said in his police report.

As part of the investigation, Gallagher spoke to two victims at the entrance of the cemetery, according to police reports. One woman told police she was in her vehicle on South Street heading towards the center of town and as she passed the Igo School she saw a “man who had his penis fully exposed outside of his zipper area,” according to police reports.

A second woman also reported she was driving down the street when she saw the man fully exposed.

Following Gallagher's investigation, Foxborough Police arrested Lane and charged him with three counts of open and gross lewdness.

During his interview with Foxborough Police Detective Timothy O’Leary, Lane said he wasn’t wearing underwear and did not notice his penis was exposed, according to police reports. He added he would not knowingly expose himself, adding he thought it was “disgusting,” according to police reports.

Lane told police he was at his apartment on South Street earlier in the day when he changed his pants from “old ripped sweatpants” to the ones he was wearing at the time of the alleged incident to walk to CVS Pharmacy on Central Street, according to police reports. Lane said he purchased a few items at CVS and began walking home when he stopped at Rockhill Cemetery, according to police reports.

Lane said he was on the phone with his girlfriend’s mother when police arrived at the cemetery and detained him, according to police reports.

Lane was scheduled to appear in Wrentham District Court on Tuesday, Oct. 9.


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