UPDATED: Foxborough Girl Helps Police Arrest B&E Suspect on Mechanic Street Tuesday

Daniel F. Callahan, 30, of 8 Crysal Dr., Kingston was arraigned in Wrentham District Court Wednesday on nine felony charges following Tuesday's alleged breaking and entering on Mechanic Street.

Haley Anderson, an _student and her brother, Casey, were walking home from school Tuesday afternoon when they saw the side door to their 61 Mechanic St. residence "destroyed," according to Foxborough Police reports. 

A panicked Haley quickly called her mother, Jobina, at the Igo School followed by 911. Foxborough Police arrived on scene shortly after 2:37 p.m. and thanks to Haley's prompt action, were able to locate and arrest the breaking and entering suspect at another residence on Mechanic Street, according to police reports.

"[Foxborough Police officer Douglas J. Miller, Jr.] was checking the residence of 63 Mechanic St. when patrolman Miller discovered the rear door to this residence was also destroyed," said Foxborough Police officer Shawn R. McKay. "Patrolman Miller informed me of this at which time I informed Foxborough Police dispatch. Both patrolman Miller and I made entry to the residence and found the residence of 63 Mechanic St. in the same condition as 61 Mechanic St. Patrolman Miller and I cleared the first floor of 63 Mechanic St. and made entry to the basement."

Officer McKay stated in his report that while clearing the basement, he located the suspect at the north corner of the basement where the circuit breaker box was located.

"I found a male party, later identified as Mr. Daniel F. Callahan, on the floor sitting with his legs in front of him in the dark," officer McKay said.

Callahan, 30, of 8 Crysal Dr., Kingston, was arrested on scene and charged with two counts of breaking and entering daytime for felony, larceny from building, larceny of drug, two counts possession of Class C drug, possession of Class B drug and two counts of wanton destruction of property over $250.

All nine of the charges against Callahan are felonies.

After Callahan was placed under arrest he told officer Miller that his vehicle was parked in the Foxboro Company parking lot across the street from 61 and 63 Mechanic St., according to McKay's police report.

Officer McKay located Callahan's blue 1999 Nissan Sentra and called for Foxborough Police Lt. John Hannon on scene. Shortly after Lt. Hannon's arrival, a Plymouth County K-9 Deputy Sheriff arrived at the location to check the area for a second person involved in the alleged housebreaks. The K-9 Deputy Sherriff cleared both homes with no trace of an accomplice, according to police reports.

Reported missing from 61 Mechanic St. were three prescribed medications. Officer McKay reported after a search of 63 Mechanic St., police located the missing pills in a pill bottle found in the downstairs bathroom of the residence.

Each home, according to officer Miller's report was ransacked with cabinets, closet doors and drawers opened in each residence with belongings scattered throughout.

Callahan, according to officer Miller's report said he broke into both houses and acted alone.

"I broke into both houses and there is no one else," Callahan told officer Miller, according to Miller's police report. ... "I told you where my stuff was and I did both breaks by myself and no one else."

Callahan was held on $2,540 cash bail and arraigned in Wrentham District Court on Wednesday morning.


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