Foxborough by the Numbers in 2011: Fire Incidents and Medical Emergencies

A statistical look at the town of Foxborough in 2011.

The following is a capsule look at the town of Foxborough through information provided in the 2011 Annual Town Report. Today, we take a look at the annual report by the numbers, according to Fire Chief Roger Hatfield.

0 – Number of missing people reported.

1 – Number of court activity calls reported; Number of dumpster/trash fire calls reported; Number of rescue animal calls reported; Number of apartments inspected.

2 – Number of cooking fire calls reported; Number of multiple hazards and hazardous condition calls reported; Number of L/P gas distribution stations inspected.

3 – Number of chimney fire calls reported; Number of medical – other calls reported; Number of nursing homes inspected.

5 – Number of fireworks inspected.

7 – Number of public education calls reported; Number of public buildings inspected.

9 – Number of sudden deaths reported.

10 – Number of appliance fire calls reported.

11 – Number of restaurants/clubs inspected.

13 – Number of assist law enforcement calls reported; Number of hazardous condition-water emergency calls reported.

14 – Number of hazardous condition – fuel leak/spill calls reported.

15 – Number of structure fire calls reported; Number of rescue elevator calls reported.

17 – Number of vehicle fire calls reported; Number of group homes inspected.

20 – Number of central station fire calls reported; Number of other fire calls reported.

21 – Number of hotels and motels inspected.

24 – Number of brush fire calls reported; Number of threats to harm self calls reported.

25 – Number of EMS detail calls reported; Number of oil burners inspected.

27 – Number of lockouts reported.

37 – Number of commercial sprinklers inspected.

39 – Number of L/P gas inspected.

41 – Number of commercial fire alarms inspected.

50 – Number of schools inspected – including fire drills.

51 – Number of other hazardous condition calls reported; Number of medical engine assists reported. 

60 – Number of mutual aid fire calls reported.

63 – Number of propane investigation calls reported.

69 – Number of investigations reported.

71 – Number of hazardous condition – CO Invest and Hazardous Condition-Natural Gas calls reported.

83 – Number of detail fire calls reported.

130 – Number of hazardous condition – wire down calls reported.

132 – Number of special inspections (stadium events, tents, Ansul Systems, etc.)

134 – Number of local fire alarm calls reported.

139 – Number of medical – mutual aid calls reported.

150 – Number of assist citizen PSA calls reported.

173 – Number of master box alarm calls reported.

239 – Number of motor vehicle accidents reported.

257 – Number of smoke/CO detectors inspected.

755 – Number of inspections conducted.

1,373 – Number of medical – rescue runs reported.

3,082 – Number of emergency incidents Foxborough Fire and Rescue personnel responded to in 2011.


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