UPDATED: Community Offering Support to Family of Foxborough Boy Struck by Truck Monday

The Foxborough community has come together in support of resident Christopher Knight and his family after the 12-year-old was struck by a truck Monday while riding his bicycle on Baker Street.

Note: This story was updated at 10:53 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 31, 2012

Christopher Knight, the 12-year-old Foxborough boy struck by a landscaping truck on Baker Street and airlifted to Tufts Medical Center Monday afternoon is in fair condition and continues to recover from serious injuries.

“A few friends went to visit and we were relived and happy to see a bit of the Chris we know and love – in his usual 'subtle' way he’s clear he doesn’t like it in the hospital,” said Laura Brodeur, a friend and neighbor of the Knight family who has been providing updates of Chris' condition on her Facebook page.

Brodeur says Knight is still heavily medicated to manage his pain but has made significant progress since Monday night.

“He will likely stay in ICU over the long weekend and then hopefully move to a rehab facility next week, depending on continued testing and evaluations being done Friday,” Brodeur said.

Knight's most notbale progress came Wednesday night, according to Brodeur, who reported the doctors removed a monitor that was measuring the pressure of his head and removed the breathing tube.

"Chris was semi-awake [Wednesday night] and responded to his mom's voice by squeezing her hand and was able to stick out his tongue for the doctor."

Knight reportedly suffered head trauma, internal injuries and several skin abrasions from Monday's accident, according to Foxborough Police and was transported by MedFlight to Tufts Medical Center in Boston. Knight was riding his bicycle from Chestnut Street onto Baker when he was struck by a 2010 Dodge Ram dump truck hauling landscaping equipment.

In the aftermath of Monday’s accident, many members of the community have reached out offering help and support to the Knight family.

"We realize there are a lot of people in the community, even those that don't know the Knight family very well, that want to help so we wanted to remind people that we are working on organizing a "Care Calendar" that will be posted online probably next week once we have a better idea of what the family will need in the coming weeks," Brodeur said. "For now, they have had plenty of food dropped off at the house - and when we have the calendar set up it will be more organized for those who want to help out. The outpouring of support has been wonderful and is very appreciated by Sue [Chris' mother] and her family. Please bear with us for a bit longer until we can get a sense of what the next steps are for Chris, Sue and the family and then we will be able to help in a more organized way. Thank you all again for your continued support."

According to Frank Mortimer’s article in The Sun Chronicle Thursday, this is not the first time tragedy has struck the Knight family in town.

Mortimer writes the Foxborough community offered the Knight family support four years ago when James Knight, husband of Susan and father to Chris and Matthew, passed away on May 6, 2008. He was 40 years old.

To read Mortimer’s story in the Sun Chronicle, click here.

As for the police investigation of the accident, O’Leary said there was nothing new to report as of Wednesday.

"The state police are still analyzing the data points they obtained through their accident reconstruction," O'Leary said.

Foxborough Police brought Foxborough resident Sean Fitzgerald – the operator of the truck that struck Knight – in for questioning following Monday’s accident and later released him with no charges being filed. The truck that struck Knight is licensed to the North Easton landscaping company, J.Jerome Landscaping Services.


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