Turn this Hallmark Holiday Into a Random Act of Kindness

Homemade Valentine's for special people

Extend extra love this Valentine's day by having the kids make cards for others. Feb. 13-19 is Random Acts of Kindness Week, and in this spirit, see what you can do. Everyone loves getting Valentine's!

Are there people in your life or community that would love a homemade valentine? Sure are, maybe a neighbor or the seniors at an elderly home. If you have grand parents at a home maybe bring some extras to hand out to their friends. Hand-make valentines for relatives living at a distance to let them know your are thinking of them. Children at the Jimmy Fund Clinic or Children's Hospital would love Valentine's from other kids, or if you know of a family or friend that may be going through a tough time, make them a special Valentine to brighten their day. 

Valentine's come in many forms! A simple homemade card with a special message is just enough to bring a smile to anyone's face. I've included some of my favorite easy-to-make homemade Valentine's. See photos above!

Peekaboo Valentine. Perfect for the grandparents, they love pictures.

Valentine Butterflies. What better, made from a stick of chewing gum.

Valentine Finger Puppet. A snap to make and perfect for young hearts (and fingers!)

Hand-Shaped Valentines. Send a touching message with valentines traced from little hands.

Valentine's Day Treat Packages. The chocolates make this one a keeper! 

Valentine's Day Card Bookmark. Practical yet warm and fuzzy.

X's and O's Cupcakes. Cute for the class.

Do good for Valentine's Day. And if card-making isn't in the "cards," random acts of kindness can happen at anytime. Visit the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation's website for some kindness ideas.  


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