Person of the Year-Patch Editors Weigh in With Picks

In this edition of Patch editors look back, we're giving our selections for Person of the Year.

As we enter 2012, Patch editors are looking back at 2011. In this installation, we weigh in on the "People of the Year."

Jeremie Smith, Medfield Patch Editor-SEAL Team 6. This unit of military specialists accomplished its counter-terrorism mission in Pakistan in May when it successfully killed Osama bin Laden. The successful mission was celebrated throughout the country and SEAL Team 6 quickly became anonymous heroes. These men, in my opinion, are the Persons of the Year. For more on SEAL Team 6, click here to read TIME Magazine’s blurb on Person of the Year candidates. http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,2098471_2098472_2098501,00.html

Kelly Mello, Norton Patch Editor- Kalle Lasn for his role in Occupy Wall Street. Whether you agree or disagree with the movement, it's huge and now on day 104 (as of Dec. 29). He forced millions to pay attention to the other "99 percent."

Patrick Maguire, Easton Patch Editor--People regularly credit politicians and world leaders for changing the world. In 2011, though, it was clear that nobody has changed the world during the computer age more than Steve Jobs. People learned of his death on their Ipod, Iphones, MacBooks and Ipads while listening to the music they bought on ITunes. It is hard to imagine where we would be today without the brilliant mind of Jobs.

Jeff Sullivan, Mansfield Patch Editor-From my perspective, I'd say Larry King was my favorite person of 2011. He finally said he was out of the game, and how did he do it? by going on countless TV shows to 1. Still be on TV 2. Get paid for being on TV 3. Go into retirement. The man's a genius, and if I could have shoulders like that, I would never again need a can opener.

Mike Gleason, Wrentham Patch Editor-For better or worse, President Obama remains the most discussed (and most controversial) figure in American politics. It has been a year in which his administration has seen both high (the death of bin Laden) and low points (lingering economic troubles). The 44th POTUS has seen backlash from both the right (the Tea Party) and left (the Occupy protests). It's unlikely the president will see less attention in 2012 — next year's election will be a referendum on his presidency.

Kelly Glista, Norwood Patch Editor-At least nationally I would put Steve Jobs as one of the top candidates, though unfortunately it was his death that made him even more influential in 2011. Aside from the huge impact Apple and its products have had on the nation, Jobs was and is an inspiration to many.

Benjamin Paulin, Dover-Sherborn Patch Editor-My person of the year would be Steve Jobs. He revolutionized how we use technology today evolving the clunky Macintosh computers into the sleek iPhone and iPad. Now, pretty much anything can be done with the iPhone, including starting your car and turning on the lights in your home.

Michael Gelbwasser, Sharon Patch Editor-Steve Jobs. What an amazing legacy.

Michael Hardman, Regional Editor, Attleboro Patch- It was all of the people who took to the streets throughout the world to rally against repressive governments. overthrowing them, and calling attention the financial disparity through the world. When we look back, 2011 will be the year the voice of change rang throughout the world.

Jeffrey Pickette, Stoughton Patch Editor - My official answer would be the members of SEAL Team 6 for killing Osama bin Laden or Steve Jobs, but I’d like to throw one more name out there—Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. I wouldn’t exactly call him “Person of the Year,” as the people on this list are far more influential, but he certainly is one of the most fascinating. I can’t recall such a lightening rod figure in sports.

He doesn’t have the prettiest looking spiral and is probably too reliant on running the ball. But, he won in an unconventional matter, week after week, pulling out win after win out of the Mile High thin air. And this ticked people off to no end. His getting on one knee and praying on the sideline during games ticked people off. His squeaky-clean image and reputation ticked people off. I get the sense he must have more people trailing him looking for him to do something morally wrong than Gary Hart did when he ran for president in the 80s. His name has been used as a verb. Kids have even been suspended from school for kneeling and praying in the middle of the hallway, disrupting passing time between periods. Saturday Night Live had a hilarious skit mocking Tebow. At the end of 2011, everyone was talking Tebow, a lot of teams got Tebowed (losing thanks to a Tebow-led fourth quarter comeback), and all the while, Tebow was just Tebowing (praying on one knee).

Dick Armour January 02, 2012 at 02:34 PM
Well, good choices all around, guys and girls! But you may have noticed (To update Henry David Thoreau) that today we live in a world of endless distractions and pathetically little contemplative direction. One heck of a price for those 15 minutes of fame. My guess for "person of the year" would be the unrecognizable and anonymous one who did something for someone else that was barely noticed, but set in motion a chain of kindness that the 24/7 news cycle is blissfully aware of! Happy New Year, "People of the Patch"! You're as close as they get to such news. PS: Steve Jobs once said he would give up everything he concocted for an afternoon with Socrates! I wonder if there is a "Socrates" app?!


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