Moms and Kids Favorite Spring Activities

Five tips to staying safe in the outdoors in spring.


We all yearn to smell the earth and flowers coming to life around town with the trees and perennials all in bloom.

It’s spring, it’s vacation week and it’s time to hit up the great outdoors.

This week, real moms share some of their families favorite outings this time of year. Before heading out, here’s a refresher list of safety tips.

5 Safety Tips for Spring Outings

1. Set up a limited time by establishing start and end times for the activity up front. 

2. Feed your children before going on an outing and bring extra food and water.

3. Remind your child how to behave (by being a good listener, staying close by, playing gently and sharing cooperatively.)

4. Remind your child that safety helmets/equipment are required if activities include biking, scootering or skate boarding.

5. Apply ample amounts bug spray and sun screen. Purchase extra supplies to keep handy in your stroller or in the car.

I truly believe that there is nothing egotistical about being a mom. The best ideas always come from other moms! Motherhood is a forum for sharing and these real moms have adventure on their minds!

Real Moms Share Their Families Favorite Spring Activities

“Becoming backyard explorers and taking a hike with bug nets, binoculars and critter carriers. I like having the kids do a nature seek and find while we are on our way.” - Dima of Foxborough.

“Having a picnic in the park and going for slushies after.” - Jennifer of Foxborough.

“We did water balloons when the days were hot a few weeks back. Kids loved it! And we always rollerblade the bike paths with kids in strollers... -Kristyn of Lundonderry, N.H. 

“Visiting the Southwick Animal Zoo” - Jake (Mr. Tara) of Franklin.

“Gardening with lots of edible flowers for salads, cookies, cakes and summer drinks for the kids ... they love it.” - Heidi Dykeman

“Taking baby for a swing ride.” - Beth of Walpole.

“Preparing for veggie garden! :)” Nicole of Medfield.

“Visiting the museum of natural history and spending some time in Harvard Square.” - Hope of Hudson.

“Having a picnic in the park and going for slushies after.” - Jennifer of Foxborough.

“Touch a truck days in the spring.” - Erin of Stoughton.

“A trip to Drumlin Farms Wildlife Sanctuary in Lincoln...and bubble machines!” - Robs of Sudbury.

“Hiking Stonybrook, Moose Hill, & Borderland...” - Auntie Katie of Sharon.

If your child is a lover of the great outdoors there are so many options where we live. Moose Hill and Stonybrook offer ongoing programs and vacation camps for all ages. Check it out!

Have a great week!


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