LETTER: Vote Scott Brown for US Senate on Tuesday

Foxborough resident Angela Davis, who is on the Executive Committee of the Massachusetts Republican party, writes in to urge her fellow voters to choose Scott Brown over Elizabeth Warren for US Senate Tuesday.

Dear voters,

It is essential on Tuesday, Nov. 6th that Massachusetts return U.S. Senator Scott Brown to Washington D.C.

As the most bi-partisan Senator, Brown has reached across the aisles to work with others regardless of party affiliation, to help Massachusetts. When there is a legislative initiative that provides some relief for working families, or promises to bring jobs back to Massachusetts, or when the time came to cut federal spending and ease our tax burdens, Senator Brown is there fighting for us.
Now, a desperate Professor Warren, the elitist Queen of Occupy, looks to unseat the Senator by slinging mud, concocting a gender war, and waging class war.


Simply because she lacks any real fundamental support for her candidacy. Hence, their only option is to create a fictional story line comprised of outright lies.

I know Scott Brown and I know firsthand he cares about us. Anything that says otherwise is a Warren ad full of lies and distortions of the Senator's record. Scott is a strong advocate for women, a pro-choice Republican that supports Roe v. Wade, and a supporter of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

If you knew his wife, Gail Huff and his two daughters, you would unequivocally know that they would not support anything different.

But please do your own research, make up your own mind based on facts and visit his website, www.scottbrown.com. Please also keep in mind the long list of failures, which includes a double digit deficit, rising jobless claims and fearful small business owners.

Contrary to what all the male pundits assert, the war on women is not about a pack of pills, rather it is taking place at the kitchen tables across this nation, where families sit and talk about their struggles to get ahead, and how to pay their living expenses. So while the American family is being pushed through the national meat grinder, Senator Brown has understood our problems, introduced the Bay State Jobs Agenda and fought to get us back to work.

Two pieces of his jobs agenda, that were signed into law by President Obama, were first a tax break for companies that hire veterans, the second was the repeal of a tax which would have negatively impacted small businesses nationwide.

The Senator took a pledge to oppose tax increases because the last place we should be sending our hard earned money is to the fat federal government. He knows that if we keep more of our dollars we are the ones who can have a positive impact on the economy.

Scott’s opponent, an elitist Harvard professor is not who she claims to be. She likes to say that she is on our side, but she looks down on the middle class, poking fun at dual income families and shared responsibilities. She even took time to make fun of men that fold the laundry in dual income households. She speaks of being a defender of women’s rights in her own ads but the records show that when women were really most vulnerable and suffering from bad breast implants she was the hired gun for Dow Chemical defending them against these very ill women.

It gets worse, when Asbestos victims and their families needed health coverage to get the help they needed it was Ms. Warren who turned her back on them and acted as a hired gun for the big corporations, again. The final insult is that she claimed minority status and gamed the system for her financial benefit.

And here's the fact that I think the professor does not understand, Massachusetts voters are some of the brightest most independent thinking men AND women in the nation and they don't take kindly to nasty ads and tall tales.  They also don't like it when folks make promises to cut the deficit in half and double it instead.

My confidence and money is on the independent minded great men and women of Massachusetts. Overwhelming numbers of these good folks are voting for Scott Brown on Nov. 6th.  

Democrat, Republican, Independent, it does not matter. What does matter is the future of our country, our children, and the principles upon which our founding fathers intended. The dream we need to carry into the future is America's dream, our founding fathers' dream, the greatness of America and the hard working men and women that built this nation. 

Not a liberal ideology or a partisan agenda. Nov. 6 you decide what dream is worth carrying into the next six years. It just doesn't get more important than that.


Angela Davis
Foxborough resident

NOTE: Angela F. F. Davis is a Foxborough resident, Chair of the Women for Brown Coalition, serves as the Bristol/Norfolk Republican State Committeewoman and is on the Executive Committee of the Massachusetts Republican party. She can be reached at adavisff@gmail.com

R. Hood November 05, 2012 at 03:22 PM
Alleluia, a breath of common sense! Thank You


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