LETTER: Thank You Foxborough DPW for All The Hard Work

Two Chestnut Street residents write in to extend their thanks and appreciation to everyone at Foxborough’s DPW for the hard work and tireless efforts of the town’s workers.

To the Foxborough DPW workers,

We moved to Chestnut Street this past November and just experienced our first major snowstorm in Foxborough we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to each and every one of you for your efforts during – and after – the Blizzard of 2013.

While we were waiting out the 29 inches of snow from the warmth of our home, you were all out there keeping up with the blizzard in cold and dangerous conditions. You have worked day and night with little to no rest for over three days just so people like us can get out of our homes and onto the roads.

We know some have complained about the town’s roads just a day after the blizzard and we believe that is just not fair criticism. Period.

We read the comments on Facebook and were happy to see many in town defending your efforts through and after the storm. We would like to underline their point: You work very hard and that work WILL NOT go unnoticed.

You have a job not many of us could do. We don’t know how you plow all night during any storm, let alone one of this magnitude.  

We were able to get out around town Sunday afternoon and see how the town fared from the blizzard. We were able to move well down most roads and were impressed by your efforts. If we found a road we thought we could not travel down we found another way to get to our destination, understanding you had 88 miles of road to cover as well as sidewalks and municipal buildings in addition to helping residents in need get out of their homes.

The fact that people were able to move around town at all Sunday is something none of us should take for granted. It took the hard work and tireless efforts of all of you to make that happen. Thank you!

You went above and beyond what anyone should expect of you during a storm of this magnitude. After getting through our first major snowstorm in town, we are happy we chose to live in Foxborough. You made a storm like this relatively easy to weather. We cannot say the same of the other towns we have lived in over the years.

To our neighbors in Foxborough, if you see a DPW worker this week, please stop and say thank you. They deserve it.

Thank you again DPW workers! Hope you are able to rest and recover soon.


Jeremie Smith and Amanda Lucier

Chestnut Street

Pat Larkin February 11, 2013 at 05:48 PM
Thank you for your kind letter and for taking the time to write it. It really does make a difference to those guys who often feel so unappreciated.


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