LETTER: Alert Children to Stay Clear of Snow Piles Along Foxborough Roads

Foxborough resident Pat Larkin writes in to ask parents to keep their children clear of the snow piles along the sides of the roads.

To all parents,

Please remind your children to stay clear of the snow piles on the side of the roads! The plows will still be pushing back and as much fun as it may seem to slide down those piles or build a snow fort (as I did 50-plus years ago) it is NOT SAFE!!!

We do not need to read about any tragedies in Foxborough. Also, when school does open, please make sure your children wait several feet off the road. There are often icy patches and even at a crawling pace if we hit a patch of ice at a bus stop the bus could slide a little or a car caught off guard could hit the brakes and slide as well.

We also do not want children up on snow banks as we approach or depart and risk slipping into the road. Please make sure your child(ren) waits for the driver's signal to cross when it is safe to do so. The safety of your/our children is always our number one priority!

Thank you!

Pat Larkin


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