Dear Santa: Holiday Wishes for Foxborough

I’ve prepared this little Christmas wishlist for Santa for Foxborough. Hopefully the chubby guy in the red suit can come through tonight!

Twas the day before Christmas when all through Foxborough, not a town building was open, not even a school.

Decorations were hung around the Common with care, in hopes that the holiday spirit would be shared here.

Foxborough athletes were taking a day of rest, while visions of state championships danced in their heads.

And police chief O'Leary in his uniform and officers on patrol, remained on duty to keep the town in order.

When out on Main Street there arose such a clatter, I listened on the police scanner to see what the matter.

Into my car I flew like a flash, tore down Chestnut Street (no faster than 35 mph) and right onto Cocasset.

The sun was out shining on a new dusting of snow when, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a miniature sleigh, and eight tinny reindeer.

With a little old driver, so lively and quick, I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick ... in downtown Foxborough to deliver gifts.

Assuming all of us in Foxborough have been nicer than naughty this year, I've made Santa the following wish list for the town:

Dear Santa,

My name is Jeremie and I am the local editor of Foxborough Patch. The town has been great since I arrived in June and the people have been welcoming and nice.

It is a community full of volunteerism and kindness. Sure, we have our shortcomings ... but doesn't everyone? Some people wanted a casino in town while other did not, doesn't mean we should all get coal, does it?

Another discussion for another day ... I know you're busy. Anyways, if you see fit, the town of Foxborough would like the following:

A brand new pack of white t-shirts for Foxborough DPW Director Roger Hill and the resources necessary to fix the town's brown water problem.

And speaking of the water, a lot of us residents would like clean water in town. I know because I asked my Foxborough Patch Facebook friends.

For town employees, a new Town Hall would be swell and if you can help the taxpayers out on this one, we'll leave extra cookies and milk until the end of time!

Renovations for the Taylor and Burrell Schools for Foxborough Public Schools and continued growth and expansion of academic programs and curriculum. We care about our students here!

Speaking of our students, we also enjoy cheering on our student-athletes and ask for a year of success, triumph and scholarships for our Foxborough High School athletes.

We ask that the turf field project is built smoothly and if you can provide any of your little helpers for labor during the off-season ... Jim DeVellis would be grateful.

For the New England Patriots, please bring another Super Bowl title. Seven years has been too long and two title losses in the a five-year span has been heartbreaking.

For the Board of Selectmen, a fresh perspective and approach in negotiations with the Kraft Group. And for the town's business partners on Route 1, please bring them more liquor licenses for expansion at Patriot Place.

May it be a stress-free winter and spring for the town's Advisory Committee. They will certainly be busy with two Town Meetings in two months.

Please bring balanced budgets to Foxborough's Finance Director Randy Scollins.

For the town's Water and Sewer Commissioners, please bring an Intermunicipal Agreement (IMA) with area towns to form a Regional Sewer District in Mansfield.

For downtown Foxborough, we'd like to see new businesses and more parking.

For local business owners, we ask for an improved economy for 2013.

For new businesses, like Jake n Joes, we ask for a successful opening in 2013.

Please bring the Foxborough Police Department new contracts and more officers.
And for all of us who struggle with power outages in town, please give National Grid what it needs to fix the union loop.

And to everyone in town, please deliver the most wonderful of holiday seasons to all. Here’s hoping that Foxborough's holiday season will be one of joy and fulfillment.



Adding to the list was several of Foxborough Patch's readers via our Facebook page. Here's what some had to say:

A M Flaherty Piscitelli: Health and happiness in 2013!

Joseph Bykowski: No more brown water

Susan Rooks: Another Super Bowl win!

Amy LaBrache: Sidewalks on all streets so the kids could be safe.

Karen Adams Naughton: Clean water!!!

Irene Giagkas: clean water!

Jen DeAngelis: Town representatives that can peacefully negotiate with the Kraft Group.

Debbie Anderson: shed the "entitled" mentality.

Tanya Werning Keating: Provide all the presents for the Christmas Tree at Patriot Place that are still on the Tree! So many left and for necessary items like socks and undies and boots and coats! Come on Foxboro Santa!

Evelyn Colwell: No snow for the winter.

Ashley-Nicole Celaya: A Starbucks.

Sheri Margolin Barrett: Clean water, more sidewalks (love that idea, too) and, please, please... everyone... SLOW DOWN!! Drivers actually drive up onto my lawn to avoid rear-ending the cars in front of them. Not only do I feel unsafe having my kids wait on the sidewalks for the school bus... I feel unsafe having them stand on their own lawn!!

Andrea Cummings: Clean water...

Melyssa Scott: Sidewalks and street lights!

Now hopefully the jolly old man can come through for us all! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Foxborough!


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