Patch Grocery Shopping Finds This Week's Deals

What's on sale at the local supermarkets? Patch Grocery Shopping finds out for you.


Every week, Patch Grocery Shopping searches the local supermarkets to find what they have on sale.

STOP & SHOP-They are offering fresh strawberries or blueberries buy one get one free deal. Fresh O’Donnell’s Corned Beef Brisket is available for $1.49 per pound. Pepsi 12-packs are on sale in three for $10 deal, while Eight O’Clock Coffee is buy one and get one free. Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast are buy one and get one free.

ROCHE BROS-Grey Corned Beef is on sale Saturday and Sunday for $2.79 per pound point cut and $3.99 a pound flat cut. Boneless chicken breast, three pounds or more, is available for $1.99 per pound. Foley’s Fresh Cod Filletts are $8.99 per pound. Snappy Fresh Green Beans are on sale for 99 cents a pound.

BIG Y-Buckley’s Corned Beef is on sale, buy one, get one free, while fresh green cabbage is on sale for 17 cents.  Boneless chicken breast are available by one and get one free, while it’s the same deals on premium strawberry and Eddy’s Ice Cream. Eggland’s Best White Eggs are $1.99 a dozen.

SHAW’S-Point Cut Corned Beef Brisket is $1.69 per pound, while boneless chicken breast at $1.99 per pound and two pounds of strawberries are $3.99 for two pounds. Eddy’s Ice Cream is buy one and get one free. You can get four Dole’s or Welch’s Juice four for $10 and 10 pack of Capri Sun Juice four for $10.

HANNAFORD-Three or four pound packages of Southern Style Ribs are $1.79 per pound, while eight pound bags of Navel Oranges are $4.99 each. Taste of Inspirations All Natural Turkey Breast is $6.99 per pound and Smoked Virginia Ham is $4.99 per pound.

MARKET BASKET-They have Rare Roast Beef for $5.99 per pound, Brisket Corned Beef, $1.69 per pound and Dunkin Donuts Coffee 11-12 ounces for $5.99 a pound. Family style Oreos, 26 ounces are on sale for $2.99, while Campbell’s Select Soups are five for $5. Imported seedless grapes are $1.49 per pound.


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