VIDEO: What You Need to Know About the Inter-Municipal Wastewater Treatment Agreement

The following informational video on the Inter-Municipal Wastewater Treatment Agreement was created by Foxborough residents in cooperation with Foxboro Cable Access.

A Foxborough family has created an informational video to educate the town's residents on the proposed Inter-Municipal (Regional) Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Foxborough's Shannon, Dustin and Wayne Sylvia, along with the help of friend, Joanne Hensas and in cooperation with Foxboro Cable Access created the video.

Steve November 16, 2012 at 02:45 PM
Ok so I watched the video. Where in there was how are we going to pay for this increase in flow?? Is it going to be passed on to us via our water bill or in our property taxes?? They don’t expect us to believe that this isn’t going to cost us anything do they?? I think avoiding this topic was very irresponsible. This is why people do not trust these proposals when they come forward, they only give us half the truth. What I did take out of this is that they admit that the residential part of Foxboro has very little need or want for expanded sewer. So that leaves us with the Commercial side. We have heard for over ten years that we could expand our commercial base if we expand sewer, well where is it?? Or is this a field of dreams expansion where “if we build it they will come”? Please find a way that the users (commercial) will pay for it and leave the residents alone. Our water bills have gone thru the roof and I haven’t seen any improvements. I still don’t like the idea of pumping millions of gallons of water out of town and not refilling our aquifers. This is just a bad solution to try to fix a bad idea.


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