Preview This Winter's Hottest Books

Bestselling authors Sue Grafton, Jodi Picoult and more are releasing books this winter.

It might be chilly out, but book publishing is red hot right now. Several favorite bestselling authors are releasing books early in 2013.

What are some of the most anticipated?

  • Sue Grafton—Kinsey and Me: Stories—A series of shorts featuring the beloved heroine of Grafton's "alphabet" series of mystery books. This should whet readers appetites as the next book "W is for..." is expected later in 2013.


  • Melanie Benjamin—The Aviator's Wife—This historical novel, due to be released today, focuses on Charles Lindberg's wife, Anne Morrow.


  • Cissy Houston—Remembering Whitney—Whitney Houston's mom recalls her daughter's tumultous life.


  • Woody Guthrie—House of Earth—Not only is this an unpublished book written in 1947, it's also the first book to be published by actor Johnny Depp's new imprint.


  • Eddie Huang—Fresh Off The Boat—The memoir of Huang, the son of Taiwanese immigrants. Name sound familiar? Huang is a chef who stars on the Cooking Channel.


  • Jodi Picout—The Storyteller—The famed New Hampshire author does it again with another moral tale determined to make you think. In The Storyteller, a young Jewish woman befriends an elderly man, who was once a Nazi SS guard.



  • Owen King—Double Feature—Stephen King's son steps out with his debut novel about the son of a B-movie actor making his own film.


  • Elizabeth Strout—The Burgess Boys—The author of Olive Kitteridge, a Pulitizer winner, tells the story of two brothers from Maine who move to New York but are later called home to deal with a family scandal.



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