Paicos Says Foxborough's Problems Are More Than Pure Coincidence [POLL]

Paicos says the real issue is why the infrastructure is in such poor condition.

The question that Foxborough's town officials want to know is, "why is the power infrastructure in such poor condition?"

With (as of 8:00pm Wednesday, the town has been restored to over 85 percent with power) still without power three days after the October snowstorm, Foxborough's town manager took to the airwaves to express his disappointment with National Grid's response. The

"This time we are getting restored a little quicker than with Irene where we went " said town manager Kevin Paicos in his on-air interview.

Paicos said he couldn’t agree with National Grid's assessment of doing a much better job than with Irene.

"No, I don't think I can agree with that. I think they did better - beginning 24 hours after than three days with Irene."

Paicos does not believe that National Grid was adequately prepared for the October snowstorm.

He went onto note that the town is directing their attention to many resources and to getting the power restored. However, once the town is 100 percent back up and running, Foxborough will shift its attention to continuing the investigation that is ongoing from Tropical Storm Irene.

"The real issue why is the infrastructure is in such poor condition. [Why with such small marginal weather events] do we have such devastation," said Paicos. "We will bring National Grid to task. This is absolutely something more than coincidence."

Paicos says the town is going to investigate the "inadequate" tree-trimming program, poor infrastructure, in particular the "so called union loop." On Sunday, Foxborough down on the union loop. The union loop includes the power lines that feed towns in the area.

"The union loop keeps getting damaged badly so we want to focus our attention on that," Paicos concluded.

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Sherry Alberty November 01, 2011 at 03:25 PM
National Grid is ill prepared & unexperienced in routine tree work & utility line maintenance. I have lived in Foxboro 25 years & we ALWAYS get hit because we are on the 95 North Belt. We have NEVER had this much trouble with lines down as this year & I know the reason why. I have NOT seen an utility truck on any street in Foxboro or surrounding intersections this year! I have seen local companies doing work & town employees doing work but never, not even during Irene, did I see an tree trimmer working for National Grid. They out source their subcontractors, in a poorly run management, AFTER a storm, and we suffer the conciquences. Its time for a NEW UTILITY SERVICE COMPANY. One that cares for local business & our surrounding towns. Keep BIG BUSINESS out of this & we will see improvement. Hire local & you will have people that take a personal interest in their town. Get rid of the monoply. Its time for a change. We do have choices. Forget the lobbists promises to these big companies. Just get working on this now. Its going to be a long winter.
Steve November 01, 2011 at 04:33 PM
There is no way in HELL these two storms should have wreaked havoc on our lives the way they have. In my 50 years I've been through many worse storms than these two and hardly ever lost power and if so, for a couple or few hours at a time. Look at the streets in this town... (!!!) every street has huge branches hanging over the street and power lines. Get with the program and trim back EVERY BRANCH that will hit a power line if it were to break. This is NONSENSE! Trim the damn trees.
Paul November 01, 2011 at 06:42 PM
My family just moved into Foxboro 3 months ago. We love the town and have nothing bad to say, EXCEPT for the electric service. National Grid is a joke. After Irene, which was barely a storm and 4 days without power, I figured that N.G. would have fixed the problems so it wouldn't happen again. But fool me once.... It is time to switch to a town run electrical company. We came from Norwood which has it's own power company and we never lost power for more than an hour or two. (in heavy storms) Not to mention it was considerably cheaper. I hope Foxboro will do the right thing and get rid of this sub standard company, so it's residents can feel secure knowing that a couple of snow flakes or high winds won't keep them in the dark for another week.
Thomas L. Cooke November 02, 2011 at 04:36 PM
Power restored at 6:15 PM Tuesday evening..... In 38 years living in Tewksbury have we experienced such an experience with National Grid's inaptness.. 70 hours without utility power is inaptness for anyone.. Public Utility Commission needs to take action along with the Governor Duval Patrick. The Town's people, alot older then I, have experience many storm events here in Tewksbury, MA. A great community for raising a family and in my view moving ahead to be a greater community by bringing families and businesses to. Hurricaines, unamed hurricaines, ice storm events, the snow storm of 1978 (where there was a "state of emergency" for one week), storm flooding and minor earthquakes, they and we have survived them all, despite the setbacks and expenditures of taxpayers and utility rate increases they have caused all of us, National Grids chief executive (Marcy Reed) response is a disgrace to her Great Britain corporation. Yes, an off shore corporation, not USA. Analogus to BP Gulf Oil spill, another GB Corp. trying to explain away the reasoning of power outages. Governor Patrick, put all those campaign donations from National Grid to work and investigate them for their inaptness.
Steve C November 02, 2011 at 08:41 PM
I believe that there are two problems at work here. One is the response time and response level of National Grid to these outage events. The second is the Town's Highway & Tree Dept inability to properly trim back, maintain, or otherwise manage the street trees. For those town residents that took a drive around after Irene it was easy to see where downed lines were and telephone poles had snapped in half were primarily caused by falling trees or tree limbs. Is tree management the responsibility of N.G? Not according to the town's website which claims responsibility for trees in proximity to the street. As Town manager, Paicos should be lighting a fire with the Town Highway Dept first. Steve C.
Steve November 03, 2011 at 01:01 PM
Good question Steve. Who is responsible for tree management around the utility wires?? That is different than managing the trees in"proximity to the street".


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