Letter to the Editor: Support Mark Sullivan on May 2

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To the editor,

On May 2 we will be supporting Mark Sullivan for Selectman.  We applaud Mark for making the decision to not place signs on lawns. The last election caused many a riff between friends and neighbors due to the nasty turn of events that took place during the campaign. That is not what Foxborough is about and Mark knows that.

We support Mark because we understand that the town is in economically tough times. We all are! Mark has sat at that table when tough choices have had to be made in the past, some I agreed with some I didn’t. However, Mark ALWAYS came to the table educated and prepared on the issues at hand. Mark listened with an open mind, asked many a tough question and then made his vote as to what he felt would be right for the whole town…not just a few.

Mark will use common sense while dealing with the “doomsday” rhetoric that we have been presented with week after week from Town hall. Mark knows we, like many other towns have to learn to live within our means and not spend money we just don’t have. There is no such thing as “found” money, we either have it or we don’t. Mark understands that as a family man and as a business owner. I also think it is important that you know as a member of the BOS (Board of Selectmen) Mark will not be beholden to any organization, union or private group; he will only answer to you, the residents of this town.

Please join us in supporting Mark Sullivan on May 2.

Debbie & Michael Stewart


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