Foxborough Schools Look to Build on Impressive Record

Foxborough's school committee reviewed the district's strategic plan at the April 25 meeting.

Discussions about new technology, continued dynamic curriculum offerings and improved communication between students, parents and the community are all apart of Foxborough's strategic plan for it's school system.

Work sessions on these and other topics having been ongoing between strategic task force members, faculty and school administration leaders. Foxborough's school committee reviewed the plan at Monday night's meeting and motioned to accept the presented draft of the strategic plan executive summary after lengthy discussion and a few tweaks.

Cathy Rongione, a management consultant helping a group shape the strategic plan for board consideration, stressed the importance of enhancing communication between school leaders and the general public.

“[We need to say] here are the things we are after [instead] of [handing out] an 80 page document for the public," said Rongione.

With the topic of "budget tightening" top of mind for the town of Foxborough and the school system in particular, Rongione noted that having this plan will help with future budget planning.

“When you are in a situation when you have to make choices about where to spend, you can look back on this and see where we identified key priorities," said Rongione.

Even in a challenging economic climate, Foxborough public schools are continuing to progress, grow and lead in innovation. Rongione went onto note that one important change to the strategic plan was to incorporate that same message into their goals.

"We want to incorporate the language, “continue to" because we are [constantly] looking to build on [what we have] and innovate," said Rongione.

The plan also included a number of other objectives including:

  • Continuing to offer a curriculum that promotes a high level of achievement for all students
  • Implementing a system for managing individual and student class level data
  • Increasing school program offerings
  • Ensuring parents have access to information about their students progress
  • Preparing students with skills for the 21st century by maximizing the use of educational technology


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