Foxborough Community Gathers to Remember 9/11

The community came together Sunday to light candles, take time to remember, reflect and grieve those lost on September 11, 2001.

Approximately 60 Foxboro residents came together Sunday evening, September 11th, under a moonlit sky on the town’s common to light candles, take time to remember, reflect and grieve those lost on September 11,2001. 

The event, sponsored by the Foxboro Jaycee’s was a beautiful and moving tribute to all of our men and women who gave their lives unselfishly on that fateful day.  Foxboro Cable Access graciously volunteered to broadcast and web stream the event live for those unable to attend.  This was a collaborative effort of the following FCA members: Mike Everson, Mike Webber and Lauren Bitar. The names of the 3000 lost were scrolled on the bandstand screen with appropriate music playing in the background.

Members of the Foxboro Fire Department stood alongside community members holding candles and reflected on the events of the past weekend.  Firefighters Colin Sweeney,  Adam Higgins, Alan Cummings, Mike Kelliher, Corey Shepardson and Captain Don Treannie stood silently as the names of the lost were rolled on the screen.  Their faces were sad, knowing and pensive as memories of 911 stirred recollections of their brothers and sisters who were lost that day. 

Foxboro Jaycee, Bob Gillis attended the McGinty Memorial dedication Saturday evening sponsored by Foxboro Never Forgets, spearheaded by Chris Mitchell of Foxboro and spoke to the words of Cindy McGinty  and the unbreakable American spirit.

"The terrorists thought they were going to destroy us but what they really did was made us stronger," said McGinty. "We cannot forget that feeling because that is who we are. The memorial is here to help us remember to help each other."

According to Mitchell, the memorial was designed to honor the "past and educate the future."

"What I would like to educate the future on about this tragic day in history, are the days following September 11, 2001," spoke Mitchell at the Memorial Dedication. "How this country came together as a nation and vowed to rebuild. We were attacked for not what we did wrong, but for what we did right.”

ugh continues to “do right.”  Jaycee member, Gillis is a shining example of this type of “doing right and giving back.”  He and his wife Susan have been active Jaycee members for over twenty years.  

Gillis said that his most memorable achievement has been with the Jaycees. Five years ago, a young woman from Medford phoned him on September 11th.  She felt helpless and didn’t know what to do. She had read about the Candlight Ceremony and drove to Foxboro Common to grieve.  She thanked him and the Jaycees for sponsoring the 9/11 Candlelight Ceremony on the Common.  To touch someone’s life in such a profound way speaks volumes about the man and the Jaycees of Foxboro. 

The Foxboro Jaycees preform unselfish community work, one day, one person, one community event at a time.  

For further information about the Jaycees, please visit their website at:  www.foxborojaycees.org , or on Facebook.


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