Facing Eviction Next Week, Hazeldines Again Fighting for Foxborough Home

A meeting is expected to be held Monday between Hazeldine's lawyer, the AG’s Office, Direct Federal Credit Union and possibly Boston Community Capital to further discuss Hazeldine’s June 12th eviction notice and options to buy their house back.

Despite outpouring community support and ongoing negotiations with Direct Federal Credit Union (DFCU) to buy their Foxborough home back after it was sold in foreclosure last September; John and Julie Hazeldine are again facing eviction.

The longtime Foxborough residents were notified this week - after delaying previous eviction notices while the bank and potential mortgage lender negotiate the terms of sale – that they must be out of their 27 Spring St. home by 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, June 12th.

This is the second eviction deadline issued to the Hazeldines this week. On Tuesday, the Foxborough couple was served eviction papers by a Norfolk County constable stating they could only remain in their home until 9:30 a.m. Friday (June 7th) and if they did not vacate the property they would be legally – and physically – removed from the premises along with their personal belongings.

However, the Attorney General’s Office intervened and has delayed the eviction date to June 12th with a meeting between the AG’s Office, DFCU, Hazeldine’s lawyer and possibly Boston Community Capital (Hazeldine’s potential mortgage lender) is expected to be held Monday, according to Foxborough resident Bill Milhomme, who provided the following update on the community Facebook group’s page, “Save John and Julienne Hazeldine from Home Eviction.

“Another meeting took place [Thursday afternoon],” said Milhomme. “The principals were: Hazeldine's lawyer, the AG Office and the Direct Federal Credit Union of Needham. It appears that DFCU is willing to lower the [sale] price [of the home] to $96,000. (DFCU purchased it at auction at $85,000). John didn't mention the presence of Boston Community Capital (The bank that will purchase the house and sell back to John at a sustainable rate.) There is another meeting scheduled for Monday. It is possible this meeting is to bring BCC on board? I pray this meeting results in crossing some T's and dotting some I's.”

The Hazeldines’ home and property, which was built by John’s grandparents in 1926, has been assessed at $100,000 by appraisers.

This week’s eviction notice came as a surprise to many supporters of the Hazeldines because of the ongoing negotiations between DFCU and Boston Community Capital.

“For months now there has been ongoing negotiations between Direct Federal Credit Union of Needham (the bank that purchased the Hazeldine house at auction), Boston Community Capital (the organization attempting purchase the Hazeldine home and provide them with a sustainable mortgage), the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office, John & Julienne and their community legal representation,” Milhomme said Tuesday via the “Save John and Julienne Hazeldine from Home Eviction" Facebook page.

With the Hazeldines now facing a June 12th eviction, Charles DiPompo, a retired attorney helping the Hazeldines, is calling on the community to continue their support of the Foxborough family by contacting DFCU directly to inform the bank executives of all the community has done – and will do – to help John and Julie keep their home.

“I do think that it is very important to call, e-mail [and/or] fax the decision makers at Direct Federal Credit Union so they know that we all have John and Julie's back,” DiPompo said. … “I have no doubt that if they hear a lot of feedback from us asking them to not go forward with the eviction and continue to negotiate that will have a huge impact on the situation.”

DFCU Contact Information (Courtesy of DiPompo)

  • The President and CEO of Direct Federal Credit Union is David Breslin. His phone number is (781) 455-6500 and 1-800-676-0001. You have to ask to speak to him. These numbers are for the branch office in Needham.
  • The branch office is located at 50 Cabot St., P.O. Box 9123, Needham, MA. 02494-9123. However, the corporate headquarters is located at the same address. The phone number for the corporate headquarters is (781) 433-2900.
  • The e-mail for the credit union is service@directfederal.com. Their fax number is (781) 455-9922.
  • Another person to call would be William Lodge. He is the Director of Loss Mitigation and Collection. He is the person who bought John and Julie's house at the foreclosure sale on Sept. 11, 2012. His phone number is (781) 455-6500, extension 208. You can call him also at the 1-800-676-0001 and ask for extension 208.

Help the Hazeldines Get Their Home Back

The community support for the Hazeldines has been overwhelming as donations to a local fund established for John and Julie has exceeded over $43,000 and volunteers have offered their expertise and services to help renovate Hazeldine’s home.

“The entire community has been volunteering money and time to help them save their house,” Foxborough resident Shannon Sylvia said in a letter to DFCU. “As a community, many volunteers have been spending countless hours making phone calls and sifting through paperwork. Many volunteers have been correcting issues that are now required to purchase back the house.”

John Hazeldine has been overwhelmed by the support.

“It’s blowing me and my wife away,” John Hazeldine said. “It’s unbelievable. … Without a doubt, God is still inside everyone and His will is being fulfilled again and always, forever.”

To help John and Julie Hazeldine buy back their house, you can donate money to the John & Julienne Fund C/O P.O. Box 729, Foxboro, MA 02035. Checks can be made out to the John & Julienne Fund.

You can also reach out to the "Save John and Julienne Hazeldine From Home Eviction" Facebook group by clicking here.

About John and Julienne Hazeldine

John Hazeldine has lived at his 27 Spring St. home in Foxborough for over 60 years. He served as the town's Animal Control Officer before suffering two strokes in 2008 and undergoing hip replacement last year.

As a result, John walks with a limp in his right leg and his right arm is paralyzed. Out of work, he and his wife, Julie, who works full-time for an electrical manufacturer, could not afford the house payments on her salary alone.


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