What Are Local Turkey Prices This Thanksgiving?

If you have not bought a Thanksgiving turkey yet, take a look at the local turkey prices as Thanksgiving approaches.

Turkey prices range from 49 cents to $3.29 per pound this week at the grocery stores in and around Foxborough.

Here's a sampling of turkey prices (per pound) at Stop & Shop, Big Y, Trader Joe's, Shaw's and Hannaford's.

  • At Trader Joe's, all natural, brined, fresh young whole turkeys are $1,99 per pound.
  • At Stop & Shop, Nature's Promise is $2.59 per pound or $2.29 with a card. A fresh Stop & Shop turkey is $1.29 per pound and a frozen Stop & Shop turkey is 59 cents per pound.
  • At Big Y, there's a special offer for Big Y Frozen Turkey at 59 cents per pound until Nov. 21 or $1.49 per pound.
  • At Shaw's, fresh Wild Harvest turkeys are $2.99 per pound or $2.49 with a card, fresh Jennie-O for $1.39 or 99 cents with a card and frozen Honeysuckle for $1.19 or 69 cents with a card.
  • At Hannaford's, frozen Marval turkeys are 49 cents per pound (limit one per person) and Hannaford Premium Frozen turkeys are 69 cents per pound.

Both Shaw's and Stop & Shop advertise they will match competitor's prices.

"We will match any competitor's turkey coupon or advertised price," according to Stop and Shop's advertisement.

"We will not be undersold on turkeys," said Shaw's advertisement. "We'll match any competitors price."

Some of the prices listed here require minimum purchases and quantities could be limited. There are also other brands available that are not listed at some stores. 

Expect turkey prices to be slightly higher this year, reports the American Farm Bureau Federation, rising from $21.57 to $22.23 for the average 16-pound turkey. The 66-cent price increase is attributed to a slight rise in demand, rather than a supply shortage.

For most American families, the turkey remains the main attraction and most expensive part of the meal, according to the AFBF.

Have you bought your turkey yet? Where did you get it? If you still plan to buy a turkey, where will you get it? Tell us in the comments.


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