Kamper’s Kitchen at Normandy Farms Ordered to Address 17 Food Code Violations

Health inspections performed in August found the seasonal concession trailer at Normandy Farms to be in violation of 17 Federal Food Code/Mass. State Sanitary Codes, including two critical violations.

Kamper's Kitchen, located in Normandy Farms at 72 West St. recently met with Foxborough's Board of Health to address 17 food code violations, two of which were considered to be "critical," according to Foxborough Health Director Pauline Clifford.

Ownership of Kamper's Kitchen and Normandy Farms met with Foxborough's Board of Health on Nov. 19 following two health inspections in August that yielded violations related to improper segregation, improper hot holding/heating and cross-contamination of goods and supplies.

Chief among those violations were two criticals related to heating and cross-contamination, according to Clifford. 

Following Sanitarian Diane Passafaro's inspection of the seasonal establishment on Aug. 30, it was reported the chili/chowder being served was not stored at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Passafaro reported soups, such as chili and chowder, must be heated rapidly. Kamper's Kitchen was reportedly taking the chili and chowder from the bag and warming it before heating it to serve.

The other critical violation was cross-contamination. Kamper's Kitchen was reportedly using ice for drinks with ice used for cooling clam cake batter, according to the health inspection report.

Other violations include:

  • Not placing eggs on bottom shelf
  • Not keeping doors to establishment closed
  • Not labeling bottle near sandwich line
  • Not ensuring frappe spinners are sanitized at least every hour if not more frequently
  • Not keeping ice cream scoops in apparatus that allows for flushing. (Kamper's Kitchen was keeping scoops in standing water)
  • Storing worms in cooler with milk, cream and cheese
  • Not properly cleaning ice machines

In addition to the food code violations, Clifford said she was concerned with the staffing at Kamper's Kitchen and "general knowledge base of the employees," according to the health inspection report.

The concession establishment's smoothie operation was also ordered to be closed because of unsanitary source of water. The inspection report says an employee was seen using rinse water from a garden hose.

Kamper's Kitchen owner, Stephen Cerullo, told the Board of Health at its Nov. 19 meeting that the smoothie machine operation issues had been worked out at the end of the season, according to the Nov. 19 meeting minutes. "Cerullo further stated Normandy Farms will no longer be selling smoothies at the poolside as it is not feasible to do so in a compliant manner."

Clifford said the reasons for these violations were a combination of the concession trailer being "old" and "training issues" with staff.

To address these issues, Al Daniels, owner of Normandy Farms told the Board of Health he will be building a new trailer for the site to replace the current Kamper's Kitchen establishment.

The trailer, according Daniels, will not be a permanent structure but will be log-sided to match the Normandy Farms environment, according to the meeting minutes. Daniels added the new trailer will include quarry tile with drains on the floor to make for easier cleaning.

Cerullo added the present trailer is in need of many upgrades and will be replacing the entire structure to comply with "many code issues," according to meeting minutes. Timeframe for construction of the new trailer is expected to be mid-April 2013.

Furthermore, Cerullo spoke with Clifford about correcting the multiple violations and she told the Board of Health that she is "confident he will address all the issues," according to meeting minutes.

Clifford told Cerullo her main concern was the storing of the worms with food. Cerullo, according to the meeting minutes, said he would store the worms in a separate location. 

Clifford added Cerullo needs to go over safe-food handling practice with his employees and address all training issues prior to opening for next season.

Kamper's Kitchen was required to pay $100 re-inspection fee following its failed inspection on Aug. 15.

For those unfamiliar with Kamper's Kitchen, it is a seasonal trailer that offers usual concession stand items at Normandy Farms, such as hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream among other items.

Cameron j.smith May 19, 2013 at 12:32 AM
My experience there was terrible because when me and my son went there to get a fried Dough and the lady said that there more fried dough left which disappointed him greatly. So I asked him he wanted a frappé so asked for a vanilla frappe and she said to me no we don't Have any Vannilla milkshakes so then I had to calm him down a little a lot of extra work to get him to bed so I can have a few beers with my wife


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